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  • RL Name: Need to know basis
  • RL gender: Male
  • Fursona Gender: Male
  • Species: Fox
  • Furry Since: 2009
  • Yerfday: Nov 22, 1984
  • Kinsey Scale: 0

Spyfox02 (born 1984) is an Agnostic furry who lives in illinois, United States. My fursona is a fox. I am a member of LAFF.


In my last job, I was a mascot. I was at Chuck E. Cheeses. Almost everyday I was Chuck E. (when I wasn't a cashier). Since then, I have been learning about the fun of being a fursuiter. I am in the process of getting a partial fursuit. It will be revealed at a LAFF bowling event




Furcode (decode): FCFp2as A- C- D+++ H++ M P++ R++ T+++ W-- Z Sm RLAT* a cn++ d e f++ h* i++ j++ p+++ sm--

Plush Code
P[dra,fox,sca,ted] F[mur] B BB C- E FF++ I+ M- >MM N+ >O !Sp Sf Km+m-z ma

Yiff Code
YIFF 2.5 M het P 1 Z 1 T M m het 1 S het 1 V het 1 H het 7 WIXXX Vy

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