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#SoftPaws 96 [+ntrST] Welcome to #SoftPaws! | Rating: MW (Mostly Worksafe)| Please do not set ANY bots up on this channel w/o Lymri's Approval.
#maleyiff 71 [+ntrcCTf] Welcome to #Maleyiff: Furry chat, RP, general silliness, and endless nonsense. All welcome | Adult Content. 18+ rl |
#RaisedTailsCafe 60 [+ntrRS] 18+ Only! Somone find this TF Cd! Duo's Skunk Cock! Duo Furbid Art!
#foxie 52 [+ntrcCl] Fox of the day: | <3 Furry fun! | Happy belated Birthday to le Griffox Ozone! (the 25th) |
#dragonyiff 50 [+ntrSMCTlL] Welcome to the best place for dragons at your leisure, ranging from virile and well-built majestic beasts to the feminine and supple scaliebois. Females sighted! Man the turrets!
#techfurs 49 [+ntSCT] Welcome to #techfurs, a tech-talk channel, not just a support channel. Pastebin: Read docs, Google, ask ( and state OS. | < Mooie> Heh.. I have a Wang |
#babyfurs 44 [+ntrcC] A safe place for li'l furs to play and relax | Rules: | Free WoW 10-day trial: | <Torne> i'm some kind of deviated pervert. | Snakes! on! a! Plane!
#pantherchat 40 [+ntrcT] . o O Jolante Klimbim ist gestorben O o . | Marge Simpsons Stimme auch o.O | Sie wurde zwischen 64 und 70 Jahren alt
#babyfur 38 [+ntrS]| I hope for once she's not a crazy bitch.
#bondagefurs 36 [+ntrST] Welcome all Bondagefurs and bondage curious! Homepage: | Stats: | Volunteers wanted for special project, contact Snowfox :)
#feline 36 [+ntrSCT] Where all species and kitties of all sizes are welcome | Anyone new: would be a good idea to register your nick--don't want it stolen! (also helps to identify)  | |   |  TiggyCat Is FINALLY home! *falls over the glomps of kitties*
#furaffinity 36 [+ntrRSTf] -- So not user friendly.
#hermsyiff 36 [+ntrS] || Please check out and see if there are any good books there you might like. If you find something you like, use the coupon code DRACONIA for a 15% discount!!
#furbase 32 [+ntrc] __--** Willkommen auf Furbase **--__ Mehr Info auf und das Forum auf || ChatRegeln:
#uk 32 [+ntrSl] LondonFur Meet 29th July - | <Delph> oh yes <Delph> AAAAHHH! | <patter> you're meant to at least say "hello" first, not just 'pants off & wang' | <SouthPaw> Though 'tis also possible to leave it uncut, and it'll come away of its own accord in a few days
#lobby 31 [+nrTl] Http:// It's okay! We're taking it back. | FEMA trailers DON'T have cancer causing properties!
#zoo 29 [+nrRSVT] Welcome to #Zoo FurNet's Furry/Zoo chat. NO FTP or advertising on channel! File servers included!! Do it and you're gone!
#dragons 28 [+ntrT] Here be dragons. Hear us Roar, Sing, Meep, squeek, and dazzle you with our wisdom and appearance.. 
#noconsent 28 [+ntr] Please read the Rules if you are new to the channel - Forum RP sessions. TLADoaL: Last Post 29:Kiryn, DR:NEW Last Post 0:Kementh
#OzFurs 28 [+ntrRl] Welcome to #OzFurs | Stats: | Rules: | Register your Nick before entering: | Warning: Channel may contain nuts. | August 8th Census. Religion: Furry. DO IIIIIT!
#northukfurs 27 [+ntrRc] Welcome to #NorthUKFurs | Website: FMI! | Next meet: Chester, 29 July | Can those going to eurofurence please check out #eurofurence to meet others who are attending ;)
#turri 26 [+ntrc] Entistä avoimempi turrikanava. Now with more sugar! And vitamin C. Furboard: Wiki:
#CanadianFurs 25 [+ntrTf] Welcome to #canadianfurs -- Upcoming events: Furthest North August 5 - 7, Anthrofest August 11-13 24 [+ntrc] | KarvaWiki: | "WRONG!" - Lex Luthor
#group_yiff 23 [+ntrCT] GroupYiff: Going back to its roots, and damn loving it. Welcome back Group_Yiff!!!
#musicfurs 22 [+nrSl] ... so .. music... yeahhhh... right.. 
#OzFetishFurs 22 [+ntrc] Tigers are fucking sexy and you all know it >:E  ""This Channel is non-PG and you must be 17 and over to enter""
#texasfurs 22 [+ntrc] Welcome to #Texasfurs! | Todays phrase of the day,  <Azaroth> it sounded like the death flatluence of a cow with BSE
#chakats 21 [+ntrST] WELCOME to #CHAKATS! ( JOIN the #chakats group in Second Life! ) | #chakats Gallery: | Info: | AC Pics: The Committee for the Liberation and Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation Into Society 
#ddrfurs 21 [+ntr] | DDR Furs Livejournal: | Stepmania 4 is out! ..sorta!
#forcedyiff 21 [+ntr] Enter at your own risk | First time here?.. if you speak you just put yourself up for a yiffing | Please take advantage of our channel sluts/whores: Ihddn and Shivers | purplejunkie <-- good coon
#pantherchat2 21 [+ntrc] Guten Morgen, wir sind die Zeugen von HURD und würden gerne mit Ihnen über GNU reden
#rotten 21 [+ntr] Welcome to #Rotten, the anything goes fetish channel! WARNING: EXTREME ADULT CONTENT - 18+ ONLY! | Visit our website: ! Storm Gryphon is the Channel Dom/Sub slave. Pm him to get dommed or subbied.
#spiritual 21 [+ntrSl] Are you seeking spiritual help and advice, willing to help in those regards, or just wanting to talk about it? This is the channel for you. Otherkin, weres, therianthropes, and spiritual people of all sorts are all welcome here..Note this is a yiff free room no talking about yiff, sex and the rest. Thanks!
#wolftracks 21 [+ntrSVCTf] homepage: || Happy Birthday Blackwolf!!!
#artcommissions 19 [+ntrV] Looking to get a picture made? Wanting to make some money selling your artwork? This is the place for buyers and sellers alike! Check out our webpage for more details: | Site last updated 7/10/06 | Check out Duo's Auction! - -
#rubberfurs 19 [+ntrc] Where the squeaky come to frolic! .:. (new site - galleries are back!) .:. Please don't idle for more than 12 hours. .:. (old site)
#eurofurs 18 [+nrSl] <MikoKurre> "Only -just- fits" is the best size. | | It's Emax.
#furry_vore 18 [+ntrcT] Rules: (Needs more Website) | Character Database - Thanks Liero! | Since some people think they're being singled out, I should make a new rule clear. If you wanna sell stuff, do it in PM. Not in the channel itself. ~Ackart
#MacroYiff 18 [+ntrS] -  Please Read The Rules: | Part one of the story has been put up | Ask about our new Creamy CinnaPanther.
#socalfurry 18 [+ntrSCT] Welcome to #socalfurry! The place for Southern California furs and friends to do whatever it is we do  | Powered by iChestFluff & Raver_Roo - Bringing you the future today! |  CHAKAT POWA~  HERMTAURS UNITE?  || Stats as usual:  
#Furry_WoW 17 [+ntr] Welcome one and all to the brand new registered version of #Furry_WoW. It's the hope of the ops here that folk will be discussing the various nuances of the World of Warcraft while inside. ^.^
#GamerFurs 17 [+ntr] Welcome to GamerFurs, the furry chatroom for furry gamers!|Any topic is fine, you are not regulated to just game chat.|Tell your friends about the room!||E3 2006 coverage on the main site|Idlers Welcome! | Ok, we get it... you dont like the PS3....
#swefur 17 [+ntrT] <remo> Internet är din vän i natten
#watersports 17 [+trSCT] Welcome to the most wet spot on Furnet! ( ) | Now open to non-registered users. Please be aware of the notice ChanServ sends you!
#inflation 16 [+mntr] #Inflation! Growing by huffs and puffs! (Adult channel) || Air/gas inflation, liquid inflation, weight gain/fattening, muscle expansion, etc... Whatever you like, however much you like. || In the event of a water landing, you may be used as a floatation device.
#seattlefurs 16 [+ntrT] Welcome to #seattleFurs!- Please register your Nicks /ns help register Decrease in boiler efficency would be correlated by a direct increase in fuel use.
#brisfurs 15 [+ntrRTl] The channel for Queensland furs & random outsiders - Register your nick for entry! | Stats: | Medieval Fayre August 5-6. Musgrave Park, South Brisbane. | Good luck to Foxy, Drake and Miles with househunting.
#finnfurs 15 [+ntr] Tonight exclusive on CNBC News: Analyzing the excrement! Scientists found taste tests to be extremely successful.
#kitsune 15 [+ntrTl] Welcome! We got plenty of sake, food, other drinks, and forms of fun. Rest in the sun, or see the temple on the hill, or the hot springs. Room for every Suné of every element, but all friendly types welcome. All watched over by your friendly neighborhood celestial myobu. LJ Community: Kitsune_Kin
#slfurs 15 [+ntrS] Welcome to #slfurs, idle central for those that play Second Life. || SL Grid is Closed for update. Will return online around noon pacific time. (5 hours after this message) - Current Viewer Version: 1.11.0(9) ||
#tf_addicts 15 [+ntrcT] Welcome transformation fans! || A place to tranform and be transformed by others | If you missed AC, heres /the/ news highlight
#thecheetahden 15 [+ntrl] �4All species are Welcome! �3Feel free to visit my website: �12 �1-=- �3The Cheetah Generation �1-- �3Eagle: grab some popcorn, and watch: �12 �1-- �3Cougah is taking a break from the internets and will be back later.
#autofurs 14 [+nrcT] <Neokai> i race my civic
#gryphon-yiff 14 [+ntr] Welcometo GY. ^.^ Pull up a chair or cushion and join in on the fun. :D | Website: |Questions about GY, feel free to ask them to an OP. | Need a half-op and an op, PM Targo if interested.
#hyperyiff 14 [+ntr] Size Does Matter. Where big is small and OBSCENELY HUGE is normal. Bigger Is Better. Come on in and meet the Stretch gods and let us open up new worlds of pleasure for you!. Adult channel ! YOU MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO JOIN !
#torfur 14 [+ntrc] PG-13ish chat for the GTA. 
#ageplay 13 [+ntrRSC] Nice lilfurs welcome, meanie furs unwelcome. | Snuggles are good for the body and soul. | Beware the cubs |
#oralyiff 13 [+ntr] Grab it, Glurp it, Suck it, Slurp it! Oral Sex, Food Sex, Fluid/Genital Worship most ANYthing involving a mouth and genitals is welcomed! Watchers and idler's welcomed too. Humans also welcome! �4�NO Sub/Dom or Mate BS and keep RL OUT ��1Sleepy Is back. somewhat.
#sissyfurs 13 [+ntr] The official channel of the color pink and all things frilly. Don't tease! There's more than enough girly dresses for everyone!
#snakepit 13 [+nrS] It'll probably be deleted within a few days, but check it out!
#bearden 12 [+ntr] Cold noses, warm hearts. | Welcome to #bearden. A channel for bears (RL and furry) and those who love them. | Please respect others and take any overly sexual conversations to PMs.
#calgaryfurs 12 [+nr] [Calgary Furry Chat] Where the Going gets Good | Camping soon! Aug 5-7, see
#fursuit 12 [+nr] #fursuit: We need a new topic! :D The topic is now new!
#colorado_furs 11 [+ntr] Denver? Sketch Night's Thursdays or Saturdays! Fort Collins? Furmeet's Fridays! for details see hope you drop by and have some fun! - Play nice and follow the rules. |
#digimon 11 [+ntrTl] [23:29] <JakePorth> i actually prefer smaller boobies =P <--- Laugh at this person
#Domination 11 [+ntrc] �5A semi-safe bdsm channel for everyone from the old guard to the baby subbies. �12Warning, extreme content at times.
#horseyiff 11 [+ntrc] Welcome for some horsey lovin'...
#macrofur 11 [+ntr] Welcome to Macrofur. - - The forums are bare macros and micros... Lets get POSTING!!! | Please Read The Rules:
#polfurs 11 [+nr] << teh 1337 Polish furry site
#wiswrp 11 [+ntr] For large pregnancies, belly inflation, Vin Diesel, and off-topic chat. ( See #metahysteria for a tighter, narrative-driven environment on the same topic.
#wolves 11 [+ntr] Happiness is a wet wolfy smell |:::| Wolves, Dogs and all species Welcome! |:::| #Wolves website - |:::| 
#CatCollection 10 [+ntr] Check out our new design! ... and update your forum bookmarks with - Eagle says: Join my RPG!
#D&D 10 [+ntr] D&D- Welcome to the room. | Games happen when people say they happen. Let me know if you want to run a game and I'll put it in the topic.  Nikira is running a game and looking for players.  Kaethe is running a Starwars game.  Ares|Kitsuneinabox is running a game or something or another.  Dunno.
#FMFF 10 [+ntr] Welcome to Female Muscle Furries Fanclub - In this channel you are free to speak about what's on your mind. This is a drama-free channel ;) Rules can be found at
#lions 10 [+ntrVCT] RAWR is a registered trademark of our species. | Narcoleptic Maned Felines since before Christians constituted the majority of our diet | |
#oviposition 10 [+ntr] Welcome to #oviposition | Eggs and Egglaying furrys...Egg catchers and temporary egg housing needed|
#bondageplay 9 [+ntrT] Welcome: | Stats: | Furnets Original Bondage channel
#cambridgefurs 9 [+ncC]
#dolphin 9 [+ntrCTl] }><((((º> ·´¯`·.¸ D O L P H I N¸.·´¯` <º))))><{ If a flashy topic telling all the good things that happen here is all you need to join then maybe you should stay well away from car lots and stuff.... yeah....
#footpaws 9 [+ntr] Room for Adults Only 18+ Wiggling soles, or scrunching arches. Anyone who enjoys footpaws and footclaws in that...special kinda way ;3 are welcome here. NEW PAW PIC! Gift art for Puc OF Puc. Ain't his tosies sexy? :3
#forced-tf 9 [+ntrl] Welcome to #Forced-TF! Have fun, but beware what lurks in the shadows, and everywhere else...or you may find yourself in quite outlook
#france 9 [+ntrS] Le texte de "La queue dans la porte" tel qu'interprété à FF3 est en ligne :
#furnication 9 [+ntr] Now sans topic!
#furrycz 9 [+ntr] Czech/Slovak furry channel, guests welcome. Ceskoslovensky furry kanal, vitejte. :)
#hottub 9 [+ntr] Welcome to #hottub!  Bathing suits or no clothes, please ^.-.~ (unless you're Kip)
#inflatophillic 9 [+ntrcC] Furs into  inflatable toys: blow it up, bounce it good, air it down! Vinyl, PVC or rubber, if it inflates, it belongs here, along with the furs that use it or wear it. Poppers and non poppers allowed, but PLEASE be respectful of each others' preferences.
#liveyiff 9 [+nr] What is delicious?
#mifur 9 [+ntrS] o/~ A B C D E F G H I got a gaaaal in Kalamazoo!
#ponyplay 9 [+ntrc] Welcome to #PonyPlay, for horse owners and admirers alike. PG please, take anything above R-rated to our sister channel, #horseyiff. 
#raptorden 9 [+ntr] There needs to be more raptors on furnet, dammit! Don't let the channel name fool ya, all are welcome, (though raptor's are definitly encourged to join ;) (both kinds of raptors ,dinos and birds) anything goes in this channel ;).
#scaly_vore 9 [+ntr] Welcome all critters!! GET THE VORE STARTED or..... sit around and chat or yiff or other things :P just nothing bloody please|VSD---> || All hail the mighty you know who! ->
#vcl 9 [+ntrc] Welcome to #VCL!
#aeon 8 [+ntr] ... ... damn ...
#Decent_Furs 8 [+ntr] A channel for nice, decent people. Wanted: People who are nice, use common sense and care about stuff. Trolls, people who just like to complain and people who just want to cause trouble are not welcome. Enjoy your stay. :) Oh, and keep the drama out of here, mmkay?
#dunkle_ecke 8 [+ntrS] Die Dunkle_Ecke [tm] Hier ist fast alles erlaubt, es gelten die Genfer Konvention, allgemein gültiges Recht, sowie die Standard-Chatiquette, habt fun und amüsiert euch  --  (Dr.Zoidberg says "Hooooray")   --  Introducing WOLFBOT: Jag känner en bott, hon heter Wolfbot, Wolfbot heter hon
#gunfurries 8 [+ntr]  �12Discussion on firearm history, shooting, ammunition, and other gadgets. �3|| <DrftWood> if it says �4"Not for sale in California"�3, it has to be good || �4
#lilfurs 8 [+ntr] The channel where li'l furs can come to play. Visit the Li'l Furs Livejournal community at | Suggested by Kodi, this is now known as the waiting room. :D Suggested for Ages 2 to 12.
#orca 8 [+ntr] �10,12`·.,�14,12¸¸,.�2,12·´¯�2,12'%�12,2%. �0,2O R C A �12,2.%�2,12%'�10,12�2,12¯`·�14,12.,¸¸�10,12,.·´� �8,1-�14,1Crouching Lizard, Unfing Orca�8,1-
#vaf 8 [+ntrT] Vancouver, Canada's Furry Channel, for friends and furs everywhere! Join VFUR and VAF at | End animal cruelty now.
#wox's_den 8 [+ntr] Welcome to Wox's Den. | Room rating: G-X | Wox's Den, now with more vitamin A, C, and E! | This is now a subdivision of the Loveline radio program.
#Zaephyr's_Tower 8 [+ntr] [ ] Zaephyr's computer is fouled up and will not be in the tower for an unknown length of time. 7 [+mnr] Master zieht um, es kann zu Ausfällen kommen | Der Bondage Channel mit Überraschungen | Master: | 14 - 17.09 Chantreffen bei Freiburg. Näheres und Anmeldung bei Crow oder Sib
#dkfurs 7 [+ntrc] Welcome to #DKFurs, the Danish furry channel :D | | |
#Dragon-Hotsprings 7 [+ntr] Hey there, welcome to the #Dragon-Hotsprings, anyone is welcome to join in and have fun, the rating goes up to NC-17 (please no scat or water sports) so come on in, the water is fine! | This is an English and German speaking Channel. Thank you.
#efc 7 [+nr] [Edmonton Furry Cabal] Furthest North campout Aug 5-7
#ehunno 7 [+ntrl] You don't know? Yeah... We don't either. - - - Dont forget the fish!!
#furmont 7 [+ntr] | Talk here |  Customer Service is based on the assumption that you want the customer to return
#furnet 7 [+ntrST] If you are having problems connecting please try <server> Please, no idling in channel. You'll be politely asked to leave, then kicked. Do NOT give your passwords to ANYONE. If no one is available leave a message on channel and we'll get back to you ASAP. 
#Furry_Angels 7 [+ntr] Welcome to Furry Angels!The IRC channel of Furry Angels forums A place specially dedicated to talk about furry spirits. Otherkins, therians, paranormal, shapeshifting and everything else. Try to stay on topic and most importantly, be open-minded.
#furry_rp 7 [+ntr] GM for Arcadium RP: Fox` | Fox`'s RP: �Off� |Interested? contact Fox`| Arcadium site: | Forum: | Arcadium (C) Fox
#furrypub 7 [+mntr] <3 Denim || || Art by commission - (OMG updated) ||
#incestfurs 7  Incest is best, put all siblings to the test.  If you can't keep it in your pants, stick it in your sister.  Your cousin gives the most amazing head, you should try it some time. - With Dalmatian :o~~~~~` No one EVER talks in here because it's forbidden
#Kohl_RP 7 [+ntr] D&D Style RP in present day scenarios, feel free to watch. To join in, talk to Kohl. | For item descriptions, go here:�4 �| CURENT STATUS : OOC .:|NEXT GAME: Tuesday |:.
#lizards 7 [+ntr] Welcome to #Lizards, where all the cold-blooded species can feel welcome. There is plenty of sunlight and heat lamps, raccoons, and plenty of rocks and grass to lounge on. Splash in the stream, too! Warm-bloods are welcome, though mind the heat. :)
#merrylounge 7 [+ntr] The MerryLounge! now with 20% more merriment than the leading no-name brand. Batteries not included. ||
#ozfurx 7 [+ntrcl] Welcome to #ozfurx, 24hour hot yiffing | #ozfurs's red light district | No limits; Adults only; No rules | Mav your tiny sex here. (QtPlatypus) | This channel is Australian Idle! | God is on the recieving end of a dolphin.
#txfurs 7 [+ntrc] Welcome to #txfurs! Come on in and chat with local Texas furs and be sure to drop by the message board too! Located at So come on in and meet some texas furs. =)
#vee 7 [+ntrT] | | there is no such thing as a technological fix to human ingenuity
#WolvesYIff 7 [+ntr] Welcome to Wolfhood Towers! "Rising to the occasion to service our guests" | Come relax in the lounge with a fully stocked bar, plenty of couches and beanbag chairs and an indoor hot tub. >>
#YiffersUnite 7 [+ntr] Official chatroom for Yiff! messageboard | A 555 number shown in an old Tiny Toons episode is now the number for a sex line.
#40kfurs 6 [+ntr] No, the C'tan went to sleep. And while they slept for 65 million years, what did Eldar do? Did they obliterate Tomb Worlds one by one? No, they jerked off so hard they created the god of porn.
#dragon-vore 6 [+ntr] �5,5|____��15,1this channel is for dragons who enjoy vore, those are pred or prey and those non dragons who would eat or be eaten by dragons. Or general vore...���5,5____� | �4�18+� ���1all fetishes welcome� �| Good grammar and spelling apreciated. |
#dutchfurs 6 [+ntrT] 
#Elen's_Playhouse 6 [+ntrl] Come on in furs of all ages, though especially the little ones, play, have fun, but be nice of course, and listen to the caretakers and adults. 
#FBC 6 [+mntr] The Furry Broadcasting Corporation: the only internet radio station for the furry fandom | Listen to the stream at | Enjoy
#foxtalestimes 6 [+ntr] Official(?) site at | Lighty will probably be here from time to time! He's given up the whole AB/DL thing but he might come back to his old channel once in a while O:
#furryfightfarm 6 [+ntr] �11,2Welcome to the Furry Fight Farm. Visit for more information. �4,8 Furry Fight Farm is copyrighted by Martin "Coelacanth" Evans, and may not be used without his permission. �1,4Ask the ops if you have questions, and visit #FFF-OOC for non-RP conversing.
#germanyiff 6 [+ntrc] * ChanServ changes topic to 'Herzlich willkommen im ersten deutschen Yiffchannel im Furnet. Infos und Regeln findet ihr unter:
#girls 6 [+ntr] Welcome to #girls. Boys are allowed only if they like girls! No haters. :3
#hypnosis 6 [+ntr] ��9,0/�0,9\�3,9/�9,3\�1,3/�3,1\��9,1 �0Welcome to #Hypnosis — the place where everyone can control your mind but yourself! | ��3,1/�1,3\�9,3/�3,9\�0,9/�9,0\�
#kangaroos 6 [+ntr] Channel safty and evacuation plan here:
#littleones 6 [+ntr] Welcome to littleones. Let the cubpowder fly! Littleones of the week: Dylan
#newenglandfurs 6 [+r] VT, NH, ME, MA, CT, RI = hawt. , and yes can stay, but your not hawt like the rest of us
#otherkin 6 [+ntr] Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for I am the baddest vixen IN the valley. - Channel name fixed. Apologies to those who felt the unintended wrath of my foot.
#poke-furry 6 [+ntr] Hotel's closed.
#regionalfurs 6 [+ntrRT] You can Take the Fur outta the Country, but you can't take the Country outta the Fur, The door opens without warning, so beware!
#scatz 6 [+ntr] ��4,1WARNING: �EXTREME� ADULT CONTENT, 18+ ONLY!!!�� - Welcome to #Scatz, the place for messplay involving scat, watersports and vomit. All species and genders welcome. Have fun, and watch where you step!
#Skunked 6 [+ntr] We could clear a room! Just not this one. ( ) - Skunks and skunk-related fetishes, for skunks and those that like'em.
#thefurtaverna 6 [+ntr] imagine if...vaginas defecated and buttholes only came o.o | second life is open for anyone that has an email to register! | foxyfluffs!
#thetrollfactory 6 [+ntr] Jaffa is a PILF. Drake is a pro drunk. Miles likes to play with floppy things. *whisper* Misty *giggle*. Nikita Foxpaw is a bishi (slut) wolf,take a number and queue here (Waitlist full till Dec 2008)... Trollfactory: Proudly the only place where Dimmie hasn't had sex with Psycho. Run Bitch Run!!
#transfurs 6 [+ntr] A place to engage the worlds of transgenderism and furrydom for real life. :) | Check out MsKittenBoots' work fur the rules of the channel! | MsK's darling kitty GYPSY died Sunday, July 10th, 2005. May she always be remembered
#trappedinourfurrysuits 6 [+ntr] Like fursuits? Like being Trapped? Wanna be TransFormed? "Yeah, we can do that! :)
#wah 6 [+ntrS] wah stuff:
#wolf's-den 6 [+ntr]  ''Welcome to the den! . Help save Alaska's wolves : || Mune taking art commissions! ||
#bayoufurs 5 [+ntr] Furry music station!
#belgique 5 [+ntr] Le canal de la (petite) communauté furry Belge... bienvenue à  tous! | Y'a un board ici: |
#CrossFurs 5 [+ntr] ( ADULT CONTENT ) Channel for cross-dressers and cross-dressing fans all alike, come here and share your experiences with us | RULES: Please follow them.
#diaperlovers 5 [+ntr] Welcome to #DiaperLovers, a place where you can enjoy the interests of diaper wearing and wetting freely. The channel is new, and idlers are welcome. Need a diaper change? Just ask the large purple dragoness.. ;)
#DOLLARSFORHUMPS 5  Anything but racist. You lose ops if you're racist but you still get to play. Rules to not apply to Flarn, Flarnz, or JohnnyMonkey<exxy> I don't like spam! Stupid vikings. <Logan>
#eurofurence 5 [+ntc] Welcome to #eurofurence, the unofficial channel to talk with those who attending Eurofurence || Eurofurence website is || Next con is August 23rd - 27th in Nuremberg, Germany.
#FemaleMuscleFurries 5 [+ntr] Muscles -- The only thing that could make an insurance adjuster sexy
#fox_lounge 5 [+ntr] The Chocolate one's site <---IT's got pr0n too! | thursday nights 9pm EST<--music
#france-alternative 5 [+r] Une gourmette en argent, avec Pascal gravé dessus...
#GingaYiff 5 [+ntr] �::� - GingaYiff �::� Info about Ginga - �::�
#gothrpgclub 5 [+ntr] {NC-17} Welcome to #Gothrpgclub, a "friendly" pub owned by Kerylin_Valez, co-owned by Glaide and Ganesa. Come in, have a drink, and just enjoy yourself in this free form RP gothic, nightclub! Based in Transylvania...Watch the fangs and bring your Blood Viking Soda...I don't bite Hard...promise...:P
#gryphon 5 [+tr] Welcome to #Gryphon, an open discussion channel about Gryphons and other mythical beasts. This channel is also used as an OOC room for #Gryphon-yiff for when GY is IC. Please keep the content in this channel to PG-13 at max.
#hardvore 5 [+ntr] Welcome to #hardvore | We like it rough, dirty and violent. Feel free to join in or just sit back and enjoy the show. Snuff Welcome. Consentual scenes only. Penalties apply otherwise. | BYO Bunnies | Hardvore Idle
#House_of_motaro 5 [+r] The temple of the golden dragon is looking for new servants. All adults are welcome to join. (NC-17)
#inserters 5 [+ntr] Rated NC17. Welcome to Inserters! Home to the sexeel! Insertions of all kinds welcome! | HAGFISH ROCK!
#ironclaw 5 [+ntr] Where we're suppost to chat about the RPG systems of Ironclaw and it's supliments, but rarely do.
#jdr 5 [+mntrS] Channel of : | Prochainement : le forum jdr déménage ! Chez le voisin, l'herbe est toujours plus verte et le modérateur moins casse-couilles. | Avis de recherche : Lone a perdu sa trousse à dés, signalement : noire, en toile, avec un logo rouge et vert sur le côté "T club". 
#Kitchen 5 [+nr] A channel for talking about food, sharing recipes, and such.
#laff 5 [+ntr] Lake Area Furry Friends -- --- Upcoming Events: Every Wednesday Night: Chicago Coffee, Every Thursday Night: Milwaukee Coffee
#leps_pad 5 [+ntr] welcome to my channel :) || best movie around!! if you haavnt seen it go get it!! you WILL love it!!|| �4HAPPY B-DAY TO THE QUINN!! ||
#LionKing 5 [+ntrS] Chat about the best Movie ever Made.. It made a lot of Furs :)
#LittleNekos 5 [+ntr] �12Welcome to #LittleNekos, for kitties and others to hang out, or RP. ;P �10 Also Visit our website; :�4 Check out our new imageboards!�10 Please abide by the imageboard rules RushinBloo worked so hard to put up for you! �Hundreds of neko pics in our neko section, 500+ more coming!
#Louisianafurs 5 [+ntr] Welcome to #Louisianafurs, the place where we go where the wind takes us.
#löwenrudel 5 [+mntrT] Leo's Late Night - Heute Abend ab 21 Uhr auf / #LLN 
#meep 5 [+ntrT] | Welcome to the meepiest place on this side of the meeping world. | Gutter sneaks by when ed isn't looking| Digi is a bishi
#mobius 5 [+ntrl] Sonic the Hedgehog fan central on FurNet | | | |
#MuscleFurriesRP 5 [+ntr] A place where all muscled up furries, both male and female, can roleplay! Regular furs into that sorta thing are welcome too! (Please take yiffing to private messages or channels.) To people involved in Tombman's RPG/DnD game: This has moved to the #RPClassRoom channel.
#my_forest 5 [+ntr] Hello all you lovely furries, Vixy_Fox/MA loves you 
#new_mexicofurs 5 [+ntr] "I cannot understand why man should be capable of so little fantasy" Salvador Dali  ~  It's odd that you can get so anesthetized by your own pain or your own problem that you don't quite fully share the hell of someone close to you.
#Otters 5 [+ntr] Welcome to #Otters a general chat channel about otters for otters and those that love them.
#Pregfur 5 [+ntr] A place for stuff related to furry and furry pregnancy (mostly), primarily RP. This just in: Wheat bread is better than white, just ask Vin Diesel.
#roleplay 5 [+ntr] Roleplay of exotic scenes, Adult in nature sometimes. RPer's welcomed. Not much to see here.. Really there isn't, And no, Sleepy isn't interested in trying to be seduced into a gay RP
#rompworld 5  
#rubber_vore 5 [+ntr] �3Welcome to �2,1=�14R�12=�14U�12=�14B�12=�14B�12=�15E�12=�15R�12=�15V�12=�14O�12=�14R�12=�14E�12=�12 Home of the only Ballerina shoyru... DARREN! *Sexy Pose* |�13WELCOME HOME DARREN!!! �17| <-- Anubis's story..
#russianfurs 5 [+ntr] Russian Furry Community at FurNet.Org  // Please, use Win1251 codepage if you want to speak Russian :-)
#safurs 5 [+ntr] Welcome to South Australia's Furry IRC channel. * Trouble accessing the SA Furries forum with Internet Explorer? Try We hope to have the problem sorted soon. *
#slop 5 [+ntr] Don't forget your DVD.
#tarts 5 [+ntr] 猫!!!
#tf-weird 5 [+ntr] Welcome to #tf-weird, a channel stranger, more bizzarre transformation interests. Not your typical animal transformations, this place is for the people who just love making their own things like furniture, candy, and ....other things. All tf's are welcome here. Vive le taur!
#thegameroom 5 [+ntr] Today's Happy Word(tm) is: �Expee� || || <Citraka> Allabaster, I got the package.
#Twin_peaks_pub 5 [+ntr] Welcome to the Twin Peaks Pub. dedicated to all things inflate-y or expanding, and centers on the breast variety. Call up a waitress and ask her to fill up a couple a' jugs. She'll be more than happy to bring 'em over. And if you prefer, a nice juice box is avaliable
#Yiff_Club 5 [+ntrl] (NC-17} "I want you to yiff me as hard as you can!" | Take your clothes off, relax, lean back.. enjoy yourself as well as conversation with others..
#alchemy 4 [+ntr] Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic
#Austrofurs 4 [+ntr] The Austrian Furry Community: Willkommen bei den österreichischen Furs! ->
#bunnypad 4 [+ntr] All bunnies and their friends welcome! Non-bunnies will be provided rabbit ears. || Residents are not food. Keep it (relatively) clean. Charron will ban if rules are broken. || Free when you call from work!
#bunnyyiff 4 [+ntr] Issa BunnyYiff! A friendly place to be a bunny or a bunny lover. Violence and vore will not be allowed ad all. All preditors will be declawed. ^.^
#chubby 4 [+ntr] PG-13 fatfurs channel! Channel rules/forum: | We are in shape! ... Round is a shape. | Official Channel themesong: Weird Al Yankovich - I'm Fat!| NOTHING MOVES THE BLOB!
#darkforest 4 [+ntrCT] || What lurks in the dark forest? Join and find out... || ||
#DarkWolfTavern 4 [+ntr] Welcome to #DarkWolfTavern, come and stay a while. We don't bite, unless you want us to that is ^.~.| Check it out, our very own stats page!:
#Demonic`Desires 4 [+ntr] -=�4,1=- Darkness and pain, sadism and pleasure, anger without hate. -=�3,1=- The sublime yet blasphemous, the heady rapture of the dark. -=�12,1=- Welcome to the home of demons and their kin, all welcome, but few are safe.�0,1 | Where is everybody? There *have* to be more of us on this network.
#dinoyiff 4 [+ntr] Where everyone enjoys dino fellatio | Other speciies ofcourse welcome | Some good dino n such art ^^ <Not a dino but still a good pic.
#Divine_sanctuary 4 [+ntr] �7.�4o�8/�12O�8\�4o�7.�12 �4Yiff allowed and welcome!!! �12Visit: also: . �7 Am presently in need of Commissions, if interested, message me.�4o�8/�12O�8\�4o�7.
#Dramon'sNest 4  Keith and I have been together for 1 year and 10 months now, what on earth? I was shocked when I actually did the maths to find out | I love you keithy, I'd give my life just to see ya happeh <3
#endosoma-a 4 [+ntr] Adults-only version of #endosoma. For those who like stuff involving furs being inside other furs. (vore, unbirth, insertion, etc.) Rules the same as #endosoma, save for allowing adult content.
#Evergreen_Forest 4 [+ntr] Welcome to the Evergreen Forest ...the place where ALL life is truly Welcome :o)
#foxpaws 4 [+ntrCk] No one here but us foxy knots.
#fuchswäldchen 4 [+ntr] Zufluchtsort Der Füchse. Auch andere Rassen sind Herzlichst Willkommen
#furketglen 4 [+ntr] -> Welcome to Furket Glen <-> God bless young children: "Grandma Wendy, can you sink a lilo?" <-
#furries-world 4 [+ntr] - Art and Sex ~ The Dwarf is now completed --- *axe huggle* <3
#furry_media 4 [+ntrC] Disney? Dreamworks? Warner Bros? Hanna Barbera? Nintendo? Discuss art and stories from the fandom and their creators, or movies, games, books, etc. with furry undertones. General chat heartily welcomed.
#furrydaycare 4 [+ntr] A safe and secure place for big-ones to leave their little ones. Welcoming kits/cubs/pups etc of all ages! Caretakers are welcome to stay! New site under construction!, those who want to be on the profiles page contact Snowfox, Take adult stuff elsewhere
#gentlegiants 4 [+r] Macro/micro without the violence! Even if you dig violence, you're still welcome here, though please keep violent talk/RP to PMs or other channels. If you are new, please read this:
#grilledcheeseyiff 4 [+ntr] �7,8. o O o O |||�4,8grilledCHEESEyiff�7,8||| O o O o .� -- Because sometimes, you just have to.� 
#hirschgehege 4 [+tr] Hirschgehege - mit Hirsch und Freunden| |
#katzenkoerbchen 4 [+ntr] You have been banned from /b/ for the following reason: Beastiality in /b/. <- lol
#Koby's_House 4  
#melbournefurs 4 [+ntr] Welcome to MelbourneFurs, this channel is for furs that are in/close by Melbourne, Australia. Rules are:No Snuff. Lots of Yiff is a must ;) No abusing each other (unless its agreed on) JOIN US: | Emoness -must- only be on-topic
#Moonlake 4 [+ntr] Nur ein romantischer Waldsee im Mondschein... |
#Paradise_Station 4 [+ntrS] {R + Nudity} || Welcome to Paradise, a fringe station, on the edge of the universe. The station is the size of small planet. || OOC: #Paradise_Station-OOC
#Paradise_station-ooc 4 [+ntrS] This is the OOC channel for Paradise station. 
#plush 4 [+ntr] Arctic is still a cutie!
#polishfurs 4 [+r] powiesi³ bill windowsy na drzewie i powiedzia³ "wiœta" |
#RaccoonTree 4 [+ntr] Welcome to the Raccoon Tree | If you are looking for stripeys chitter in the ol' tree, you may find it here.
#shineee 4 [+ntr] Vinci & Arty! ( ) | Coons are <3!!!!! | 
#SpheresTavern 4 [+ntr] SilkWing's little Fox hole. Inside Reveals a large dimensional tavern with many rooms for patrons to rest, and enjoy. (SilkWing)
#strawberryfields 4 [+ntr] Support channel for transgender fursons. All welcome! This channel defended by Bob, the magical flying fish! <*))}}}>< |
#sydfurs 4 [+ntr] Welcome to #sydfurs, the copycat channel for the furs of Sydney and NSW
#theden 4 [+ntr] Come in for an intellectual chat =^.^= // Politics/debates/discussion allowed! - Welcome! Enjoy your stay! - Be who you are, not who others want you to be. | "Good-bye. I am leaving because I am bored." -- George Saunders' dying words
#thestoryroom 4 [+ntr] Welcome to my channel be sure to respect the rest of the people here and dont forget to say hi to my loving mate frostpaw my cubs kwisa, sonny and wolfer and also wolfers wonderful mate kit ... i hope that you find this place to your liking
#tlk 4 [+ntr] The Lion King Discussion and General Friendly Furry Chit Chat
#vixens 4 [+ntr] Vixens of the world, unite! | A channel for Females, by Vixens and about Vixens! All are welcome, and please enjoy your stay! | #strawberryfields, mari's new support channel for transgendered fursons :)| #vixens, home of the coolest vixens ever!
#wolfshöhle 4 [+ntr] Willkommen in der Chathöhle vom Shadowmoon Forum  ->
#Anubis-Den 3 [+ntr] Feelings are like sand in the winds of time, thay change faster tham the blink of an eye, the key to life is to have fun and never look back badly on your passed!
#avian 3 [+ntr] SUPER SEXY AVIAN CHAT. EGGS my master, EGGS. to prevent misunderstandings: this channel is 18+ zone; oh and its about avians n stuff o.=.o everyone else is welcome too. also peewee herman
#blue_sands 3 [+r] On the sapphire shores of a fantastical isle there are animals that you would never imagine
#blush 3 [+ntr] Snow-cheetahs fart a lot.
#cave 3 [+ntr] An old cave with a bit of a sad history. Have a seat on a lofty couch or slip into a relaxing, lovely hot spring.
#CdbF 3 [+ntr] Der Club der bekloppten Furs, seid alle Willkommen. Leider ist das hier zum idle-channel mutiert | Lebt hier überhaupt noch einer? o.o 
#Den 3 [+ntr] 
#dressup 3 [+ntr] "Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society." -Mark Twain || Keep it PG-13 Please! || Cosplayers, crossdressers, fashion fans all welcome!
#dungeon 3 [+ntr] Welcome to the Dungeon. Adult content ensues at any time! Don't poke the doms, they bite. || PM a mod for voice || Channel Pet: Shivers
#endosoma 3 [+r] If being inside other furs or having other furs inside you (insertion, vore, unbirth, etc.) gives you the warm fuzzies (or makes you curious) come on in! This channel PG-13. For adult material, join #endosoma-a please. Rules/forums:
#fauna 3 [+ntr] Pling plong
#FFFPodcast 3 [+ntr] Visit our Advertisers! CDs are on Sale, email us for more info.
#ForestHaven 3 [+ntrc] Welcome to the Forest Haven which is a safe and peaceful place in the forest.
#furaffinity-dev 3 [+ntr] FA Public Developer/Administration Discussion 
#furchat2 3 [+ntr] Welcome to #furchat2, the sister channel to the one in! This is dedicated to all furries, and anyone kind to furries too! Come and stay for random, furry fun! If you're yiffy, try to keep it in PM please
#furry 3 [+ntr] Welcome to FurNet and #Furry!
#german-vore 3 [+ntr] Fressen und gefessen werden, der deutsche Vore Channel
#jack 3 [+ntr] �7This channel was about� �4Jack �3by �12Dave �3and �8Katie Popp �3-=+{�2 �� �3}+=-� �2|�4 Stats updated you filthy animals! �3|�7 Any resemblance to an actual channel, living or dead, is purely coincidental.If an itchy burning sensation develops, fork!
#Kittie's_Den 3  
#LesbianFurs 3 [+ntr] �3All females who like females are welcome - trans females inclusive | Rules --- | #LesbianFurs is a yiff-free channel. #LesbianYiff is for 18+ female-only playing!! | MsK's kitty GYPSY died 07-10-05. May she never be forgotten.
#lil_wolfs_corner 3 [+ntr] Welcome to the corner! | Page Update --> | Watch your step, males at play. | <lil_wolf> dont worry about x_panther, hes just the corner slut <x_panther> *blushie*
#metahysteria 3 [+ntr] Massive pregnancy, belly inflation and the like in a fixed, narrative-heavy world. Read the rules before joining so nothing gets fudged up:
#mlp 3 [+ntr] Welcome to #MLP, playground for My Little Ponies, and Pony fans! All furries welcome! Please keep content below R. If you are looking for Adult content with My Little Ponies then please visit #MLP-Dark |
#mlp-dark 3 [+ntr] Welcome to #MLP-Dark, for naughty and Dark Ponies and their fans! ADULT CONTENT! 18+ YEARS OF AGE ONLY
#mpreg 3 [+ntr] Welcome to #MPreg! A channel based on the theme of male-pregnancy and other things of the like. Aimed as a home for the MPreg group at: <-- Feel free to join ^^
#MuscleYiff 3 [+ntr] Come on in and meet the Gym members and let work out hard on you! You need to be 18 or older to join this adult fur/scalie channel. (Reilsss)
#Mythical-Vulpines 3 [+ntr] 
#norpaws 3 [+ntr] Samleplass for norske haler, poter og snuter. | UTF-8-free zone | Strings and sealing wax and other fancy stuff within!
#outcasts 3 [+ntr] Welcome to #outcasts, a place where you can relax and idle. Rated G to R.
#pdxfurs 3 [+nr] The heat is on. (Thrash) | I debugged the thermal controlls, thats why its cooler now.
#Skunkettes 3 [+ntr] Welcome to #skunkettes, a channel dedicated to skunky femmes, herms, and the furs that love them!
#spiritualrabbits 3 [+ntl] For the discussion of rabbits who take being a rabbit seriously and\or spiritually. Other furs welcome to join in as well! But the topic remains the same. For general spirituality, there're other channels * Warning: may contain reality and you may be asked to behave in a mature manner. Voice+ only idling.
#Stuntfurry 3 [+ntr] 'A place to come and have fun and talk about anything. What is said in this room stays in the room. Here is a few action pics of me doing a few falls.
#talderewigkeit 3 [+ntr] Channelthema heute: Topics mit abgelaufenem Haltbarkeitsdatum | Fragen und Ideen zum Channel bitte an | Infos, News und Channelregeln zum Tal auf der Channelhomepage:
#thetigers-den 3 [+ntr] The official Tigers Den Chatroom. Visit us at!
#tlk-oldcrew 3 [+r]
#WinterMist's_Eyrie 3 [+ntr] All are welcome. The only rule: No really does mean NO. Griffy baaaaack!|15 days till AC
#wolvesden 3 [+ntrcC] Welcome to the Wolves Den.
#wuggsbau 3 [+ntr] Achtung, könnte Nüsse enthalten
#xenomorph 3 [+ntr] �3,2Welcome to #Xenomorph, more hosts wanted...apply within. | Beware of Clampy, he bites Cool pic
#zafur 3 [+ntr] South African Furs --- | POIT! | It's lonely at the top? I'm still offline till I get my ADSL back at the end of the month. | Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo
#zefiro 3 [+nr] Heute: religiöse Grundsatzüberlegungen
#zoobeedoo 3 [+ntr] What's your favourite plushy?
#ALF 2  Put #alf on your idle-in list!
#AmericanFurs 2  
#anthrophins 2 [+ntr] w00t
#anubis 2 [+ntr] A place to speak about and discuss spiritual topics, especially concering religions such as the ancient egyptian beliefs.
#ArtofBhav 2 [+ntr] *What do you want to draw today?*
#balto 2 [+ntr] Balto fans welcome
#belltower 2 [+ntr] The Bat's Belltower - All species welcome, to hang around and upside-down! || "this is like shitting yourself on the bus so that everyone will make fun of you"
#blue_moon 2 [+ntr] Willkommen im Channel des Blue_Moon - Rudels !
#bmx 2 [+ntr] 4lb 5oz fbm race frame!
#breakfastbar 2 [+ntr] The breakfast bar is now registered! | The breakfastbar serves anything and everything! || Ventserv: || Truth or Dare! || <Arby> Everyone loves me
#CuddleHaven 2  Welcome to the Cuddle Haven which is the place to come to when you feel like cuddling/snuggling and looking for a good friend to talk to.
#DeirdresDen 2 [+ntr] A place for the freinds, mates, and pets of Chakat Deirdre to hang out. (Mature)
#diaperedfurr 2 [+ntr] I now have paw prints all over my ass 2 [+ntr] Doupe draku z .:. se presouva na novy hosting... vydrzte!
#Dragonskeep 2 [+ntr] Welcome to the Dragon's Keep, where brimstone and lava are all over, and all types of dragons are welcome, from air to sea. All other furs welcome as well.
#emofurs 2 [+ntr] Emofurs: Serving your Emo / Angsty needs since 1937 || FOR YOOOOOOOOOU! -> | | CUT YOURSELF, FURRY!
#eugeneorfurs 2 [+ntr] A friendly channel for Oregon furs in and around the Lane county district. Be mature, open minded and enjoy!
#fatfurs 2 [+nr] -fatfurs-: i don't think he'll make it. | Sure he will. Chubbies have good reserves to draw from. n_n
#fatyiff 2 [+ntr] Furnet's non-PG-13 fat furries channel. || Big bellies = Too lazy to yiff.
#FFF-OOC 2 [+ntr] OOC discussion and chat for #FurryFightFarm
#Forest 2 [+ntr] Welcome to the forest, a friendly place where all are welcome. A place to rp just relax and have fun! Let the good times roll :)
#FoxChat 2 [+ntr] Welcome to #FoxChat Fox Channel
#furgasmic 2 [+ntr] Welcome To The Furgasmic Chat! Find The Forum At
#furryhams 2 [+ntr] Furry Amateur Radio Operators | IRLP reflector node 9252 (western reflector channel 2) has live audio feed from the space shuttle mission
#furryroleplay 2 [+ntr] Only a small channel for roleplays of every sort (PG 13 ;)) Look at for our service policy, state your age in your Yahooprofile please. Current channel status: OOC, Coming up Next:
#GenovaKingdom 2 [+ntr] Welcome to the GenovaKingdom, founded to replace the old TLK chats. Usually empty here, so come on in and join in or start an RP! All are welcome here. There are only two rules: I am god here. Xyreo is a demi-god ---- Daisy, Daisy...
#GermanFurryDreams 2 [+ntr] - Summersun and Partytime - Knuddelterror im Chan zum gleichnamigen Forum
#germantrekfurs 2 [+ntr] Yiff Long And Prospre \\//_ Willkommen in der ersten deutschsprachigen TrekFur Gemeinde ^^ Habt Spass und amüsiert euch
#Heartbreak_Hotel 2 [+ntr] 
#Herd 2 [+ntr] Margo STILL under foalwatch, darn it!
#HuskyDen 2 [+ntr] Welcome to the Husky Den which is the den where huskies come to chat and relax.
#iceland 2  From the dark skies above, We have come desvoid of love, A cornucopia of disease, We will bring you to your knees
#Kit-Fox 2 [+ntr] Welcome to #Kit-Fox, now reopened to the furry public
#KlangHoehle 2 [+ntr] Wir sind musikalisch! - außer meeko ... die is inventar ...  | Der Ernährungsberater warnt: Gebratene Klösse können yiffig machen!
#LilyPad 2 [+ntr] Where Fat Amphibians and Fans Come to Meet & Play (If you want to be one, let a regular know or it may happen by suprise!
#lizardsden 2 [+nrc]
#me0w 2  
#metalyiff 2 [+ntr] Welcome to #metalyiff, where furs with (or without) a passion for metal, can explore their more 'industrial' sides. Enjoy your stay! :D "One week, and this channel's down. Talk to Zanth if ya wanna see it remaining." 5 DAYS LEFT. (Zanth)
#nightlife 2 [+ntr] Tired of spending your nights sitting in a chat full of idlers? Drop by #Nightlife, the first and only channel for you "nocturnal" furs! Feel free to discuss whatever you like. ::: Idling is welcome; The more you idle, the more will come!
#nowhere_grotto 2 [+ntr] ANYONE! In! Now!
#overthehedge 2  Over The Hedge Rocks!
#Pels_Room 2 [+ntr] The apostrophe is implied. |
#PlayFur 2 [+ntr] Furry Lesbian Erotica! *Order your PlayFurs #1 folio now! @
#playtime 2  
#redfox 2 [+ntr] ~ Nein, ich bin nicht das Topic, ich putze hier nur :P Muha, ich werde diesen channel übernehmen x3 ... Nein, ich bin auch nicht 
#shadowwalkers 2 [+ntr] - Walk in the shadows
#smd 2  
#snakevore 2 [+ntr] for thease that like snake vore, lovely picy
#snowleopard 2 [+ntr] | mew! | obey snowmew. | |
#southwestfurs 2 [+ntr] If you find yourself joining this channel and nobody is online, do not be discontented, someone shall be around ^.^ ~Eagle~
#spandexfurs 2 [+ntr] Reborn from the ashes! .:. Two or four way stretch? Discuss....
#sportfurs 2 [+ntr] Former jock? Still a jock, or just like talking about sports? It's the furry version of ESPN!
#superhero 2  
#thehideout 2 [+nr] #thehideout, all furs welcome. A place to hang out and do whatever you want. | Dee is sooo old skool!
#themousehole 2 [+ntr] Welcome to the Mouse Hole - Mice and other friendly rodents and furs welcomed | New Yahoo! Group @
#therianthropy 2 [+ntr] A place for weres and discussion on therianthropy (wereism)
#Tiger's_Sanctuary 2  
#tigers 2 [+ntr] thanks for joining please remember that cubs,pups and kittens may be here so watch what you say thanks and have a good chat....these are my darling tiger cubs i take care of
#Tirna-Nog 2 [+r] Tiger!
#transformations 2 [+ntr] Where Change is good. And idling is better. RedDawn's birthday is 8/3! (DocDragon)
#TrappedInOurFursuits 2 [+ntrlL] Like fursuits? Like being Trapped? Wanna be TransFormed? "Yeah, we can do that! :)The Meeto has RETURNED!
#trekfurs 2 [+ntr] I am dyslexic of borg. You will be ass-laminated!
#Vicky'sHouse 2  
#windys_lair 2 [+ntr] Chakat Windchanneller's Private bedroom
#WWE 2 [+ntr] Red bottom!
#yiff 2 [+nrc] Welcome to #Yiff
#zoolove 2 [+ntr] For those who think love.. [ Carefuly read onjoin notice before you'll say hi ]
#1337 1  
#agnph 1  
#airfurs 1  
#aramadia 1  
#avianoutpost 1  
#ball_lovers 1  
#biker-furs 1 [+ntr] It's better on two wheels! .:. Have you hugged your Laverda today? .:.
#breathfur 1  
#Breeden 1 [+ntr] Welcome to Breeden, the city whose population rises by the several dozen with each mating. Come here ladies to become uberpregnant, enjoy various types of belly expansion, breast expansion, male enhancement, and other hyperendowments that'll make you wish you mated outside the bedroom. ;)
#CaptainsQuarters 1  
#Celestes_Bedroom 1  
#Concession 1 [+ntr] | If I don't answer, just leave a messege.
#counter-fur 1  
#Cows 1 [+ntr] Baa!
#crinklecubs 1  
#CWC_Nursery 1  
#dcfurs 1 [+ntr] Welcome MD/DC/VA Furs | Stats are up: | Newsflash! Tora doesn't think we're cool enough. ;_; |Happy New Years!!!
#diaperplay 1 [+ntr] Warm, wet squishy fun! Share with a friend =^.^= Yiff/WS/RP/Chat All Ok!
#dinoex 1  
#dirtyanimals 1 [+ntr] Mild RP for Mild Fetishes. 18+ Only! ||| Anubis LOVES cookies ||| We're just a bunch of harmless drunks... Honest. ||| Bass is a sexy little wolfy.
#DisabledFurs 1 [+ntCT] Welcome to Disabled Furs - Place for furs with disabilities
#Dragonstar 1 [+ntr] Welcome to #Dragonstar. The place where the Dragon Empire rules supreme in the galaxy. | Command for rolling stats - !roll 6#3/4d6r1
#emule 1  
#emule-english 1  
#ExplodingFurs 1  
#f8ktv 1  
#fattening 1  
#FBCOffice 1  
#Ferrets 1  
#fia-gamers 1 [+ntr] =)FiA(= Gamers | FurNet Gathering Channel | TS2ip: passwd: furry | GL & HF ;)
#floridafurs 1 [+ntrc] We are over on come visit us. All the good loldrama is over on anthrochat, come over to anthrochat "its the right thing to do"
#franfurence 1 [+ntr] Official channel of the French Furry Convention: FranFurence 4
#fuchsbau_radio 1 [+ntr] �7testlauf des �4fuchsbau�7 radios�0
#fureach 1 [+ntr] �12fureach $their (@own) { #bad perl joke } | All clerics equip thineselves with their (?:daily|weekly|biannual|) bread. | radioactive toy~
#Furmeet 1 [+ntr] welcome to my channel for meeting and stuff
#FurPets 1 [+ntr] For those furs who have pets (Dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, anything!). Come on in! ^^
#furpg 1 [+ntr] [. » #FuRPG « .][. der rollenspielertreffpunkt .][. herzlich willkommen .]
#furrici 1 [+ntr] Projekt Furrici
#FurrociousArtists 1 [+ntr] A place to display furry art of any type, including written art. Please show us what you can do. Share your gift, and the world becomes that much better. :) 1  
#furryconnect 1 [+ntr] This is an Adult Group 18+ only, Please only RPyiff in PM's
#furrylemonade 1  
#furrynation 1 [+ntr] welcome to furrynation .... i guess we all have fur... mabey so
#furryRO 1 [+ntr] 
#FurryVeg 1 [+ntr] Veg and vegan furries ::
#FurryWAM 1  
#gay_fur_support 1 [+ntr] Welcome to Gay Fur Support. Emotional support for Gay, Bi, lesbian, or just anyone who needs it
#gentlegiants-a 1 [+ntr] Adults-only equivalent of #gentlegiants. No violence/cruelty/other hurtful stuff in channel. Pretty much anything else should be fine.
#Gothicfurs 1  
#harl 1  
#HookahFurs 1 [+ntr] A Place for Hookah Loving Furs to unite. So, relax, chill, and be yourself.
#hyenas 1 [+ntr] #hyenas under new management. All hyenas welcomed. As long as they can behave
#Hyperfurs 1 [+ntr] 
#idle 1 [+ntr] Shush.
#infested 1  This place is for everything from symbiots, parasites, alien critters of every imagination to simple earth bugs like ticks and fleas....
#IrishFurries 1  
#kai's_nest 1 [+ntr] ... kai's personal channel
#KittyHut 1  
#lactation 1  
#lakeofsorrow 1 [+nr] Welcome to Lake of Sorrow , the Territory of the Night Wind Pack -
#leahalalela 1  
#Legion 1  
#LesbianYiff 1 [+ntr] �13Welcome to #LesbianYiff. Feel free to play with other women. This channel is for women only (transwoman inclusive). Wholly lesbian yiffing only in channel, so pre-op ts women should imagine they are post-op, while playing. No illegal fantasies. Use your common sense. Lastly, �No� Means �No�.
#LionRepublic 1  
#littlepaws 1 [+ntrRc] We'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode.
#LLN 1  Leo's Late Night ab 21 Uhr auf
#lolicon 1 [+ntr] Channel is dead. Move to #Lolichan if your still interested...
#lonely 1 [+nt] �So you are as lonely as I am right now. Well, feel free to come in and vent, as I really could use others to talk to myself.
#lucky_pub 1  
#mekita 1  Kablammo Cola!  The cola that goes fizzzz...
#Mid-Atlantic 1  
#N4pFox 1  
#nifelan 1 [+r] "Flauschiges canides Lustobjekt" - according to his owner | NEUE HANDYNUMMER
#NOFurs 1  
#nogirlsallowed 1 [+r]  ºWe are the Borg! You will be ass-stimulated into the collective. Resistance is furtile.º "Calvin! What are you doing in your treehouse?" "Uhhh.... nothing mom." || for jesus || OH Gawd, save me, im alone ;.;
#nogitsune 1 [+ntr] A channel for the more wild kitsune.
#nonanthro 1 [+ntr] This channel in Repose/Reformation
#nukf 1 [+ntr] The room of Burfdl's outcastness. Join at your own social risk.
#o.o# 1 [+ntr] || No one feels like you. You are very, very alone. It's cold... and there are wolves about. ||
#Ohiofurs 1 [+ntr] Furries in and around Ohio - Event calendars: Add your birthday or event
#oldgames 1  
#PAFurs 1  
#PaganFurs 1 [+ntr] An It Harm None, Do As Ye Will. Respect others...and the will of whatever you believe in. "It's not important what you have faith in, it's only important that you have faith." -- Selma Hayek (as Serendipity), the movie "Dogma"
#PennStateFurry 1 [+ntrc] Penn State Furry - For furs in or around the Pennsylvania Area to come chat with other furs in their area
#pervertfurs 1 [+ntr] �3Welcome to �2,1=�14P�12=�14E�12=�14R�12=�14V�12=�15E�12=�15R�12=�15T�12=�14F�12=�14U�12=�14R�12=�14S�2,1=�3 Where any fur may roam around with next to no boundries. Here is the place your mother would have disowned you for visiting *General rules apply, if someone says STOP, it means stop* I love my Xy..
#pirate-furradio 1 [+nt] 
#Pop 1 [+ntr] Paws of Pyriel RPG [ Http:// ] || Molest your local Curcupyne today!
#porn 1  
#raccoon_gaze 1 [+ntr] For Friends of Meisje
#random_yiffs 1 [+ntr] �3Welcome to �2=�14R�12=�14A�12=�14N�12=�14D�12=�15O�12=�15M�12=�15Y�12=�14I�12=�14F�12=�14F�12=�14S�2=�3, �4 This now a support channel for Dracul... Come here to pay your care and repects to that sweet red dragon... WE MISS YOU DRACUL!!!!!!!!!!!�13 Pye and Red Bull is served!
#randomdepths 1  
#RaptorsRoom 1 [+ntr] Welcome to raptors room drop your pants and have fun
#roaringradio 1 [+nt] 
#RPClassRoom 1  
#sarnofox 1 [+ntr] willkommen im channel sarnofox, den channel zu webseite viel spaß :) ps: yay, endlich mein eigener # =D
#ScottishFurries 1  
#Secondlife 1  
#Sekai's_Harem 1 [+ntr] Wont be back till around 9-10
#shotacon 1 [+ntr] Welcome to the channel of Syrris kitty! For all boycubs that don't mind naughtyness and those that like them! :) Olders protect the youngins and respect their will at all times, older obeys younger. RP acceptable, no violence, scat or gore in channel, but let people see anything else if you can, please. ;)
#sidetracked 1 [+ntr] Where to go to remember what it is you forgot you were supposed to be doing, if that was indeed anything, and fail.|| No fighting in chan, plz take it to PM || WARNING: channel is unrated! Draco's Harem now closed, sorry, real life has taken over.
#SidisRefuge 1  
#somewhere 1  
#squeakyfurs 1 [+ntr] �3Welcome to �2=�14S�12=�14Q�12=�14U�12=�14E�12=�15A�12=�15K�12=�15Y�12=�14F�12=�14U�12=�14R�12=�14S�2=�3. where the squeaky come to bounce. Come and make some noise :3 | NO RULES! Except stop when someone asks | Have Fun
#Straight_Fur_Support 1 [+nt] Welcome to Straight Fur Support, in an increasingly anti-straight world, We need support too.
#StripedHoss 1  
#sunochisden 1  
#switch_room 1  
#taboo 1 [+ntr] it toooooo quiet
#taur 1 [+ntr] Taurs wanted, but others welcome too if you like to hang out with taurs of any kind.
#testquiz 1 [+nt] 
#the_hideaway 1 [+ntr] Welcome to #The_Hideaway. Pool tables, cushions, fluff beds, music, and hot tubs inside!
#the_tunnels 1 [+ntr] Welcome to #the_Tunnels
#TigerDen 1  
#tigers-den 1 [+ntr] thanks for joining tigers-den this is a room where all of the tigers can sharpen their claws and even meet a new freind or mate... please remember to always be respectful and watch what you say.... thank you and have a good chat ,,,,
#TinyToon_Fans 1  
#tittyfuck 1  
#trapedinourfursuits 1 [+nt] 
#TrappedInFursuits 1 [+nt] Like Fursuits? Like being Trapped in them? Wanna be TransFormed? "Yeah, we can do that! :)"
#TrollCentral 1 [+nt] 
#uglyfurs 1 [+ntr] �2,1=�14U�12=�14G�12=�14L�12=�15Y�12=�15F�12=�15U�12=�14R�12=�14S�12= |�4POLL: SEND XYLEX A MEMO TELLING HIM IF DRCUL IS A GOOD GUY.... HE NEED SOME POSITIVE FEED BACK... hE THINKS NO-ONE CARES ABOUT HIM >.< --Dracul Support chan #random_yiffs
#uncut 1  
#waschbaerbau 1 [+ntr] Willkommen im Bau des Waschbären | planung eines channeltreffens vorschläge werden gerne angenommen (Alucard)
#werewolfsden 1 [+nt] 
#WolfChat 1  
#wolflair 1  
#wow 1 [+ntr] �1,5#WoW �2a furry EU World of Warcraft Channel �7|| �1Any furs rerolling on the Horde side of Ragnaros get free g. �7|| �2Come join the FUN!
#Writerfurs 1  
#WWE_Ringside 1 [+nt] 
#xoradio 1 [+ntrc] �7 �2<=X=>� droideka's Radio Mix �7<=X=>�2  Chat während der Sendung
#yerf 1 [+ntr] =(^.^)= Einen yerfigen Gruß an alle Hunde, Füchse und Wölfe und an alle anderen Arten die hier mal vorbeischauen =(^.^)= || *fühl dich geknuddelt* ^.^ Today: Dog was found
#ZETA 1  
#zoophilia 1