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spade lonewolf is a white wolf with with a slight grey tinge grey eyes and a cold black nose therefore saying he has no colors. He had lost his colors due to a curse put on him by an evil spirit that curse had shatterd his heart made him lose color and turn . femail every night at sun down witch normaly wouldn't be a problem except for all the guys that chase him he has a blue power. braclet that if he takes off he will die the only people who know. know how he was before the curse are his friend ParadoxshadowFox . and his girl friend Black clover Cat. know what he used to look like before the curse he used to be a brown wolf with dark brown fur, and light brown hazel eyes his girl friend had fixed his heart with a magic spell that can only hold it with the bracelet un fortunatly his color can not be restored. he has set him self on a journey to find and destroy all evil demons that invade the mind of inocint people and make them make bad . choices to fisicaly harm that person, but most of them never happen so often in fact there hasnt been any for a long time so spade and his friends are mostly on xbox live or facebook with his friends . thunder haze - ParadoxshadowFox-s1rch1k3n-Black clover Cat-ミストキツネ [mist fox] spade is a GUN NUT he can tell you what any gun is (as long as its a real gun NOT some sifi crap). he uses his weaponry to erase the infectious evil in the world and has an arsenal of weapons his favorite ones are mostly Heckler & Koch weapons his choise wepons are... HK-MP5n silenced colapsing stock / HK-USP silenced /HK-sl9 silenced /HK-416 Silenced with fiber optic acog scope.

--Spade lonewolf 11:56, 12 December 2013 (EST)Spade Lonewolf 11:53 dec/12/2013