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Rumors and other talk[edit]

  • somewolf's tour throughout Germany was mainly sponsored by a sign he would hold up when he arrived at a place stating "Will Yiff for food!"
    • Not True! It was sponsored by friendship and savings.
  • If you're looking for somewolf at a convention, try to watch out for something red.
    • True! He mostly wears red sweatshirts, capes or the like at a convention.
  • somewolf is one of the main actors in the F.I.A. plot to control the fandom.
    • Not True! There's no such organisation as the F.I.A.
  • He get's pretty pissed if you misspell his name, like using a capital 'S'.
    • True! His nickname represents a condition, therefor it is written in lowercase.
  • somewolf dislikes getting stuff for free (gifts).
    • True! But you can always share with him.

Other likes and dislikes[edit]

One thing he surely does not like is having one of his characters used without his permission. This includes webcomics, funny sketches, and the like. This has led to several arguments in the past.

One thing he does like is sleeping on the floor. You usually find him sleeping in a warm and noisy place - for example, in front of loudspeakers at the fur dance.

It is said that he writes pretty decent poetry, but he has never officially published any of it yet.

Random quotes[edit]

  • Everything that generates fun is allowed, as long as it heals within two months. -- somewolf
  • He suddenly showed up and there he was. -- Hurga
  • The main goal of a convention staff must be the complete enjoyment of the attendees. -- somewolf
  • Ones age is something i really don't care for, maybe it's because i'm too old for this. -- somewolf