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Snarfy_Badger is a young furry artists from Spring, Texas. She's relatively new to the fandom, but hopes to attend conventions and wear a fursuit someday. She can be found on many forums throughout the internet under many usernames. She is very active in the Spyro the Dragon fan community and can be found on Spyroforum under the name Wyndon_Torque. Her main alias' are Snarfy_Badger, Kanasta_K, and Wyndon_Torque.

Snarfy Flanigan(revision pending)

Her fursona is a blue badger who works in a library named Snarfy Flannigan. Snarfy is of scottich descent. Snarfy has turrets syndrome and because of this has a tendancy to say "snarf" at the end of some sentances or when excited.

Snarfy_Badger's art style is cartoonish and she enjoys using bright colored markers.