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A pirate named Smitty

He officially joined the furdom drooling when he found the furry community, The Furry Forums on February 26, 2007. He always liked furry disney movies, his favorites include Robin Hood and the Fox and the Hound.


  His fursona is a wolf pirate. His fursona refelects his creator for he is often defending 

his friends as a wolf defends a pack and his pirate side reflects his mischievous side.

Names Smitty is known by

  Smitty is known to go by three names; Greatsmitty, Smitty, and Smitty the Pirate


  Smitty will be attending his junior year of high school, in which he will be taking a professional internship with a 3d computer animator, he is also taking his third year of German language classes.

Where I live and what I do

  Smitty lives in a small town in Indiana, only those close to him will know what the towns name is. I currently don't have a job ( need to get one > < ) but hopefully will get a job at the local Subway.

Other things to know

  Smitty is know to be the guidance counselor of his friends, helping them with family problems, 

relationship troubles and other things. You can mostly see him on The Furry Forum