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I'm A FurCanvas[edit]

As well many people of left FC when in it was in its early stages and now many people has left FC in its temp. shutdown. Only people really wanting FC back are still here and it is upsetting.So it isn't a big company like WunderWood (WolfHome) or have a ChatWich.Its still awesome and has plenty of potential ; Also if you do join FC don't just vanish because its a little slow or down or just because you cant be an admin, good people are putting their money on the table for FurCanvas , even just to keep the site up.FC is important and cant be known as spam and nothing related to 2d Chats, it has changed the way people think about chats and how they are built and such, just don't give up on it, we are the base of it. Members.I have been here from the beginning and many people have.We didn't leave because we couldn't be an admin. Resin,Redrum,and Imiko for example did become Admins mostly because they were active and helped the through their struggles twist and turns. They didn't join just for status but for the joy of it and helping a site.Root needs our support, thats the only reason why he stills working on the site.Now you people just joining for nothing understand now what FC means?I hope you do.

                                                                   --- SlyXJay