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Slush the Alien Timber Wolf (originally Sockune's character)

Slüsh Clourers, (likes being called Slüshii; born November 9, 2002) is a furry fan, and a digital artist who lives in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was also known as "Mawtin Dingo, or Deu", "Twipzy Katz", "Byanca Autumn", and "Sonnie Moore, or Twipz". She loves listening to EDM (Electronic Dance Music)


Slüsh's fursona is a turquoise and sky blue alien timber wolf with hot pink and purple hair. She confirmed that she was going to stick with this fursona because she had one too many. She chose a timber wolf because after seeing the movie "Zootopia", she thought that the wolves who were howling were cute. Long before that, she found music producer and recording artist Skrillex. That was the time she changed her fursona to an alien timber wolf because there have been many rumors that Skrillex was an "alien".

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