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Skyler Dustpaw[edit]

Skyler Dustpaw(Also known as Sky Fox) is a furry artist, story writer, and beginner musician under his own terms. He was born and raised in Erie, PA, but has since moved to Anthro Capital, Pittsburgh! --Skyler Fox 15:53, 20 May 2009 (UTC)Skyler Fox


Skyler's Fursona is an Northern American Red Fox, but his coloration is not that of a Red Fox's. He is mainly white in color, with light blue running down his entire frontside. Between his legs, the underside of his muzzle, his paws, tail, and the tips of his ears are also light blue in color. His eyes stand out, being emerald green in color. The only part of him that is red is his vibrant red hair.

He is rather large for a fox, 6 foot exactly in height, but his ears add about an extra 4 inches. He weighs over 250 pounds, but is a bit built up. He was born August 23, 1989.

His attire consists of jeans, a T-shirt with U.K Power Metal band DragonForce, and either running shoes or most of the time, barepaw. The most important piece of his attire however, is the golden cross that he rarely takes off, showing his support of his religion, Christianity.

In the comic strip world, Skyler is a major character in the upcoming strip, MORON, a comedy-action strip. This strip shows Skyler as a Shapeshifter, able to take an anthro, feral, or Taur form, as well as a 1969 Dodge Charger.

Other Hobbies[edit]

Skyler's main hobbies are furry artwork, guitar playing, and just about anything Radio Control and Car related. He can usually be found in his workshop, designing new vehicles, and is planning on participating in the 2010 IFMAR competition.

His other interests include Mental Shifting, which is his thoughts and theories on transforming, and daydreaming.