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Skunkishblue (Formerly Conor-The-Raccoon) Also known as Blue Is a furry colorist from Norwich England.

Blue's fursona

In The Fandom[edit]

Blue Joined the Fandom in 2008, Originally as a Raccoon. Making his first Furaffiniry in 2009 under the user name Conor-the-raccoon but stopped using it in Early 2012 to get his new account Skunkishblue. His new account using his new Skunk Fursona was made in early 2012 and has gained reasonable popularity. Blue offers free Coloring of digital art from his Furaffinity page. As of 2012 blue has started attending Furmeets in Norwich England. These are organized on


Blue Is a Striped Skunk. His Fursona Dresses in a dark cabaret Goth fashion. He has Long Blue hair and wheres a top hat. He had a Small blue patch of fur on his chest and Blue rings around his Wrists.


Skunkishblue On Furaffinity

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