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Hi there!, I'm Skorpion DX, also known as Skorpion Delphinix X or Skorp for short, I'm a creative artist and story writer born on 27th of February 1993. Writing and drawing are a passion of mine, I've been doing them for many years now, I have however improved over the years with practice and techniques. I'm passionate about dolphins and cetaceans, it all started when I was in my early teens I got attached to dolphins so I wanted to learn more about them and study them, as I'm working my way to a career working with them as a marine mammal trainer, but that's a long way off yet, I will get there eventually, dolphins have pecked at my imagination for so long, their intelligence, their beauty, how the seem to relate to us in many ways, which ultimately gave me the idea's of writing a story series with dolphins in it. If you want to message me please feel free to do so.


Writing and drawing first came to me when I was in my early teens, I realized I could do creative writing and I realized I could draw, from then on I put my skills to the test. My first work is my main series The Chronicles Of The X-Hunters where I am the main protagonist in the series, I also drew illustrations and sketches of what Skorp would look like in the real world, science fiction is my strong suit, I seem to have a knack at it, being interested in science fiction movies and video games, it gave me the ideas to create the series and plot it together. I'm currently working on my second series The Chronicles Of Team-XX which is another ultimate test of my abilities.


My fursona is a bottlenose dolphin with red stripes running my flanks from my pectoral fins down to my rostrum.

The X-Hunters[edit]

The Chronicle's Of The X-Hunters is a science fiction story series I wrote, it is fifteen chapters in length with the sixteenth currently in writing, I'm going to try and make it either eighteen or twenty chapters long. The drawings I have done is what Skorp would look like in the real world as well as many of the characters within the series. Featuring (me) Skorpion Delphinix X as the main character, told from a first-person perspective. Taking place in a science-fiction based theme, it combines elements from games such as Megaman, Descent: Freespace, Halo and EVE: Online, movies such as Titan AE and Equilibrium. A war which has been raging for millennia between several races over dominance of the galaxy becomes the burden of yours truly, who has to lead a team of soldiers through mission after mission in the hopes of turning the tides of the war in their favor. However, his greatest battle lies within his own mind and heart, about who he is and where he belongs.