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Six is a feral artist, a flash animator, and a traditional artist. "Seizure Icons" were Six's biggest deviations in her gallery until they were removed due to her dislike of their undeserved popularity. Six tends to create more animations than she does finish them.

Current projects in the works:

  • When Six Gets Bored Part Two
  • Best Friend
  • The Pack Introduction
  • Six and Rave's Big UNIQUE Dansen Project
  • LUV BiT3S: The Animated Series
  • So What? A Vent Flash
  • The Ferret Dance

A bat cat as her fursona is shown to wear glasses and carry two pencils around at all times. On her DeviantArt account, her avatar is her fursona swiping a pencil at the screen leaving black electricity behind to form her username.

When Six Gets Bored Part Two is an unplanned animation with absolutely no plotline whatsoever to lead by. Six originally planned to use the song for a fight animation with which her character is seen 'beating on the baddies', when she simply grew bored and used it for nothing in particular.

Best Friend was an art collaboration originally between Six and her friend Baxely, or WhiteWingedDemon.[1] Originally in the works, Six simply stopped working on it due to Baxely's flash trial ending.

The flash was about the bisexual demon, Ilin, and the homophobic Expee, Ulv, in an adventure to turn Ulv into a gay lover. However, Ilin simply stuns the Expee beyond belief, causing this whole animation to be a traumatic experience.

The Pack Introduction is about entirely the 'Pack' with with Six belongs.

Thirty-four members and counting, the Southern Pack is already a force to be feared. Being one of the powerful Four Cardinal Packs which reign over a hunk of land upon the planet Thurn, the Southern Pack is then targeted by several power seeking enemies, one of which is two demi-deities who have been shunned by every other Cardinal Pack. They then turn to the Southern Pack in hopes of acceptance- and leadership. Six's Alpha, Leo, refuses and they retaliate with war.

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