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Sigurd fursona Ursine 6'5 250lbs. Brown fur with small tribal tattoo marking on left forearm, wears a black jacket and blue jeans, scars from past fights, large paws, regular sized head, intelegent blue eyes that, along with the tattoo, change color with mood(green means annoyed and blue means calm), often scowls but has a laugh that can sound like a growl or a maniac, strong enough to lift trees and can swing a heavy club like a willow wand, incredible indurence, can annoy most people at will, descendent of the Norse berserkers, normally docile but protective of his stuff and will beat a person mercilessly over his jacket, has friends among furries and some humans, most enemies human, has nearly driven a fox furry insane, likes a different vulpine that he likes but due to species differences and another person they are not in a relationship, hearty appetite and can eat almost anything, knows two other ursines, a wolf, two foxes, a cat, and maybe a dog, spends most of the day in isolation and can sleep almost anywhere, has parts of Shakespeare memorized and can quote them, has good instincts, can tactically take a person down, good at debating(arguing included). He is now in love with manly sport such as Hockey and love Wait for it The Bruins.Ha ha ha. Bruins are a type of bear, now do you get it. Seriously he likes the Bruins. He also now has a possible girlfriend who is a raven surprisingly because he was infatuated with a vixen. What is it with interspecies love, I mean really. On a different tone The dragon and Guttorm have manifested in my his mind.