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SierraVeron Has many names, VulpineFever, KanohaNinja... but doesn't mind if you call him whatever you want. He's respectful and caring, putting others needs before his as often as he can. He's always willing to talk, and loves o make new friends. Prominantly a writer, he does occasionally draw pictures for others, his style is very similar to that of Michele Light, and Kii-kitsune. His fursona is a female Red/Grey Wolf, who goes by the Name Sierra, although she has had another name Gemma, it was changed early 2010 to Sierra after he decided to look into the original names meaning. Kii-kitsune sierra veron s reference sheet.jpg

His fursona is also married, one of his fiends, kii_kitsune drew the wedding picture for him. Kii kitsune - Sierra and Wolf - Coloured.jpg

His works and writings n be found on several sites, mainly on Furaffinity or Deviantart