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Logo-bluepaw-withdots-50px.png This user is a
WikiFur colleague.

Hi. Here's my wiki user page. If you want to say hi back to me, you can use my talk page, my email, and my IMs.

  • Email and Google Talk: [siegemail at gmail] (edited to reduce incoming spam)
#IRC This user can usually be found on the #WikiFur IRC channel, and goes by the nick(s) SiegeV
  • AIM: Siege Voxus

Please note that I log all IMs. I do promise not to publish or share these logs without your permission except as absolutely necessary, or as compelled by law. If you choose to publish any logs of me without my permission, I may consider this personal restriction to be voided in the case of that particular conversation: your publication may be taken as permission to publish my own, and vice-versa.

Also note that as a personal policy, I try not to be directly involved in the exclusion of pages on this wiki; I typically forward such requests to other Administrators, and bow to their decisions. If someone asks me for my opinion of such a request, I may give an opinion, but that's pretty much all I'll do.


  • I come and go as I please. Yet shall I return betimes, for I am fond of you.
  • Do your bit to prevent confusion: Use disambiguation text wherever necessary.
  • Do you have categorical knowledge? Good, go fill in a category!
  • Wikis need both volume and detail. But accuracy is at least as important.
  • If you want a page on something, it is enough simply to know a little about your subject, and you can start that page. But if you want participation, make sure it's on a popular subject, or at least point the subject and/or its fans at the page you made so they can help edit it.
  • I like finding clever things to play with on my user page. But simple and organized is better than crowded and complex.
  • *bangs Playskool hammer on a Duplo block* I'm wearing my Superman cape and my Aqua Man undies, I've got a Batman utility belt and a Green Lantern ring. I've got Protoman's gun right here, and you may address me as JUDGE DREDD SIR! Now that we've established my delusions of authority, let's settle this matter once and for all.

Personal articles and projects[edit]

See the article about Siege a Ferios. WikiFur User

Links to Wiki-things[edit]

  • Category:Cleanup - Does an article need "wikifying", or at least a good edit? Here are a few you could work on.
  • Category:Stubs - Is an article a bit short, or does it seem incomplete? Maybe you can help flesh it out!
  • Special:Categories - If there's no category on it, then maybe it needs one? If it has categories, are they the right ones?

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