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Sidd is a Dallas area furry who is fairly critical of some of the more illogical/misguided things in the furry fandom. He is a staunch advocate of the geek fallacies, and the unofficial rules, and making sure that kind of thing doesn't happen. He's also an SA Goon so he hates furries by default, or something.

It is said that the pre-furry alter ego of Sidd is DJAtari, famous for writing the OMGJeremy article on a guide to the furdom. Most of the article dealt with generalizations of the furry fandom and population. However, of particular note was his criticism of the real furry transformation efforts "(6/5 furry freak factor)" of A. C. Gmork Labyrinthian Kadran X. H. being that it is the only part of the article that links and attacks a particular group/person. He was later threatened for libel by the owner. The owner defended himself stating that it wasn't slanderous or libelous because he was stating an opinion.

He also keeps forgetting to log in. :(