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Shinzui heard about furries in the middle of 2006, and he heard about the IMVU FurryForums around early 2007, so he decided he'd give it a try. Shinzui took a break from the FurryForums around Winter 2007, but he came back in March of 2008. Shinzui is very sarcastic and short-tempered, much like his fursona, Shinzui Suterusu. Shinzui is also near-sighted, so he has to, of course, wear glasses. He prefers not to, because his new pair is "way too big." Shinzui also studies Japanese. He says, "Japanese is the most interesting language I've ever seen. Sure, I only know a few words, but it doesn't mean I'll give up."


Shinzui's fursona, Shinzui Suterusu, varies from time to time. Sometimes his job will change, sometimes his age, and sometiems even his abilities. Shinzui Suterusu is a half human, half Arctic Wolf. His Skin is pale, he has whitish-blue ears and a tail, and he has claws. His eyes are usually green, and sometimes they change color to show mood. "It's a weird thing," he says, "green used to mean he loved the person he was looking at... Not anymore." Shinzui currently wears a black mandarin shirt, a long red scarf, grey pants, and white goggles with a biohazard sign on the sides. He also wears his Moon Pendant, given to every member of the Moon Clan at the age of 7. Shinzui is short tempered and is very sarcastic. He also doesn't like to be messed with.


Shinzui is known by a couple other things, like Ryuuzaki, Daisuke, or stelthninja/stelthninja21/stelthninjaX. Call him anything too girly or preppy or anything along those lines, he'll probably punch you in the stomach if he's having a bad day.


Shinzui lives in Delavan Illinois and goes to Delavan High School. His I.Q. is around 130. His reading skill is extremely high, and it was already at the 9th grade reading level in 5th grade. His math skill is only Senior level. He will be going into his junior year as of 08/09. Shinzui has never been held back and he has never skipped a grade because his, "school sucks." as he says it.

Furry Friends[edit]

Shinzui has a couple friends from the IMVU FurryForums, like Jesse, User:ToodlebugKel (Kelyn), Kurayami, Hedgers, Kid Jojo, Gothy, and many other people on the FurryForums.


Shinzui's art often very, as he experiments with a lot of styles. He never really shows his experimental art though. Most of his (good) art is hand-drawn, because he doesn't like drawing in MS Paint, and he believes editing is just "taking your art and making it better, by means you could never do without that kind of help." Shinzui doesn't draw Anthro art as he says, "I'm no good at it."

Zack in color.jpg


Shinzui writes graphic novels, songs, "how-to-not-suck" guides, as he calls them, and character bios for his characters. He's wrote around 20 songs, but he's never told more than 5 people about them. Shinzui has never had a book published, and he has never released a "how-to-not-suck" guide.


Shinzui's favorite Anime is Death Note. He has seen both movies, and has watched the whole series. He also watches Naruto and Bleach. "I'm not very fond of Naruto anymore, though." Shinzui says his favorite manga, hands down, would have to be +Anima. Shinzui's favorite character being Cooro. The only manga he has ever touched is +Anima and Undertown. "+Anima was interesting as soon as I got to the third page.. But, Undertown? Yeah.. that manga sucks." He says.