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I'm a 16 year old gay male currently living in the city of Liverpool in the United Kingdom. I enjoy computing, using the internet and learning more about computing.

I plan to extend this page soon to have more information about me. But, I'm a very busy person at the moment so this is pretty much an edited mirror of my Wikipedia User Page.


Early Life and Education[edit]

I was born in a town called Worksop which is in the United Kingdom in the year 1990. I am now 16 years old. I spent the first few years of my school life going to the Holy Family school in that town until I was roughly 8 or 9 years old when my mother got engaged to a man living in Liverpool city in the north west of England. I started going to the St Mary's Much Woolton school which is close to where I live. When I finished that school when I was 11 I started at the local catholic secondary school St Francis Xavier's college where I still attend but am in my final year before finishing my GCSE course.

Spare Time and Personal Life[edit]

In my spare time I'm a drummer, and also play some synthesiser, however poorly it is. I also enjoy using computers and the internet, and enjoy playing computer and viseo games. I particuarly enjoy strategy games and first person shooters like Deus Ex. Online I play the MMORPG Second Life.

I'm a young gay male, and I've just recently got myself a boyfriend (yay!!!). I'm quite kinky in a lot of ways. I'm also in the Furry Fandom and do enjoy Yiff, however yiff only makes up a part of the furry fandom for me and I think that the non-sexual side is probably more important than the sexual side. I'm open about my sexual orientation with most people, however I stall haven't come out to my parents.


I study music at GCSE and I play both the drum kit and some synthesiser but not often and not very well. I usually do most things listening to music as well.

Mostly I listen to rock music of various subgenres, and electronica.