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Yumako is a furry comedian by the real name of Blane Chilcott. He created the Seven Synns story too(located on



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An Arctic Fox with a dark past (explained in 7 Synns). He carries a powerful sword and seeks revenge on his families killer, Anzuki.


Vice Yumako: The hero, quite cocky and always ready to take a risk, he fights with a sword and a handgun

Albel: Part of S.W.O.R.D., he has always been Vice's friend and mentor, he tries to get him out of sticky situations, Albel uses handguns (red fox)

Drakel: Part of S.W.O.R.D., he doesn't get along with Vice in any way, shape, or form, he uses a assault rifle (black wolf)

General Yallock: Part of S.W.O.R.D., his past shrouded in mystery seems to have an interest in Vice's power (Lion)

Anzuki: Killer of Vice's parents, seems to have a mysterious backstory himself, and never asks questions, he is straight forward. Anzuki is so fast, he's like a grey blur in combat (Grey Wolf)

Analia: Anzuki's sister, she is an expert marksman and combat specialist (red fox)

Pride: A Synn, that can create guns from thin air (greyhound)

Gluttony: Drakel's brother, Gluttony is crazed and eats living beings after he dices them up, he is as swift as Anzuki (panther)

Vanity: Lust's lover (Puma)

Lust: Vanity's lover (Cheetah)

Envy: Spoiler (read)

Wrath: Spoiler (read)

Sloth: Spoiler (read)

Guillotine: Spoiler (read)

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Vice in The Fandom[edit]

Vice is a snowboarder, comedian, artist, actor, game developer, game player, fursuiter, furry, bad-ass, fox-man (only on here of course), manga drawer, football player, airsoft champion, sneak, and so much more.

A member of Hum Furs, myspace, furry4life, and Second Life - -SL User Name: Vice Yumako

Also the Creator of Ultra-Furs, located on myspace, second life and it's own cute location,