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In the summer of 1988 a boy was born in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada. He was raised by wolves and over the years he began to blossom into an artist. He began to make friends in high school and was dubbed Shake. It was at this time that he started to post his art online. Over the years Shake has become acquainted with many fellow furs. He even has a small following of crazies. Shake has recently created a personal website for his furry awesomeness which you can visit at IamShake.[1]. While it is still in the larva stage it has been monitored by the scientists and they have deduced that it will soon be evolving. You can usually spot this wolf (Media:Shake2010.jpg) in the company of, his best friend/brother/lion, LuteFisk. (Media:Lute.jpg) LuteFisk's FA-->[2]

Shake-Your-Fursona is an avid furry artist as one might imagine and he is known as Shake to friends and furs alike. Long ago in 2006 he created a FurAffinity account. Needless to say some, if not most, of his art work was rage worthy. Not that Shake's gallery was full of despised fetishes. No. It was full of crappy art work. Yes my furs, crappy-hey-look-at-me-I-am-drawing-animal-people-things. Not that we all didn't start out that way. Over the years Shake has since developed his skills,taken down the old crap art, and began to dabble in the coloring of his works. Although he is still searching for his "style" he has no problem doing art. Today he can be seen trying to get commissions and doing gift art for cute furs or if he feels like it. You can find his FA account here --> [3]