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Shadowulf is a British Furry and Fursuiter from Wolverhampton in England, UK

He found the fandom in 2005 by accidently coming across A furry picture done by Wookie while doing a animal research project at school around March 2005. He then came across a furry website during this time and came across a few ZEN pictures and eventually came in contact with the artist. ZEN had been talking to Shadowulf for a while and even joined his website. A few weeks passed and ZEN then gave him a few links to some more furry websites such as Furaffinity and VCL

Shadowulf had began to research deeply into the furry was of life and in November 2007 he joined the role playing game Furcadia where he learnt to role play with other furrys across the world. While playing furcadia he came across Thrash Blackpaw a digital artist who did his first ever commissions which then spened up a new picture and a new world for his fursona which he had only images in his head about. Slowly as he had more and more commissions done the more stronger he felt for the furry fandom. During 2009 he began to commission numberous artists such as Hasegawa Vega, Evil squirrel and thrash. Spending around 200 pound on art commissions and conbadges within that year. In August 2009 he found a suit which he grew to love and bidded and won the suit and got his first chance to wear it in october. He wore it at his first furry convention RBW_2009 where he even took two other furs he paid for.

After the end of RBW he began to feel the convention hunger. He then looked at Confuzzled 2010 which he is trying to get into as this convention is on his birthday which ment a lot to him. He now helps other furrys in need by taking commissions and even taking others to furconventions giving them the chance to see something only most dream about.

He is a regular at furmeets across the UK but mainly seen at Manchester furmeets and London so far showing up at more then 25 furmeets in 2009

He also owns the second largest furry group on facebook called Furry Life which holds more then 1000 members of the group so far.