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I am watching you...~!


[shad-oh] –noun
  • 1. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light.
  • 2. shade or comparative darkness, as in an area.
  • 3. shadows, darkness, esp. that coming after sunset.
  • 4. shelter; protection: sanctuary in the shadow of the church.
  • 5. a slight suggestion; trace: beyond the shadow of a doubt.
  • 6. a specter or ghost: pursued by shadows.
  • 7. a friendly raccoon who lurks among the members of the Furrie Haven forum, sharing thoughts, ideas, friendship, and laughter with the members of the forum, and the furry community at large.

Shadowe's General Information[edit]

*Description: When you look at Shadowe you see an antrho silver raccoon, with jet-black rings that vary in his fur. Shadowe stands 5 feet tall, has deep brown eyes, and a very deep black mask around them. He occasionally wears a long deep violet robe that has no sleeves. It hangs loosely over his shoulders and has a pattern weaved into the collar and seams that is made of golden thread. His robe always hangs open in the front and is the only clothing he owns. He also wears a small silver medallion around his neck. He carries with him a leather satchel with a bound notebook inside as well as other useful items. Shadowe’s face is kindly and peaceful, and always willing to listen.
*Age: 37, 1970
*Sex: Male
*Pref: Bi
*Status: Married
*Height: 5'3
*Weight: Heavy
*Occupation: Professional Driver
*Location: USA, East Coast, New York, Upstate, Rural
*Web Sites: Furrie Haven
*Blogs: Shadowe's Lair
*Yahoo ID: talk2shadowe
*ICQ: 244674975
*AIM: ShadoweCoon
*MSN: shadowecoon

Shadowe's Interests[edit]

  • Music
  • Composing
  • Guitar
  • String Instruments
  • Travel
  • History
  • Theology
  • World Events
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Naturism
  • Survivalism
  • Military Culture
  • Martialism
  • Automotive
  • Technology