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Why do every anti-furry think all furries don't have feelings... i think i know why.

   I think that cause they don't think furries don't have feelings, think there different, not normal. Me I think furries have feelings but hey im a furry too XD. but that's not the point I did a test online. i was playing gta 5 with a guy i meet me and him was having fun then i asked him if he knew what a furry was he said no so i explained it to him and then i told him that i was a furry he was said that i was a nice guy and also fun to play games with and i asked if he thinks furries are different than other people he said no... and i got made fun of cause i'm dating a gal named Sasha(furry name) they started to laugh at me i got really depressed. luckily i had a friend that don't judge me and he made me feel better. Add me or if you have a question send me a message on facebook my facebook name is Furry Pictures or email me hope you guys agree