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Sevlow is the kind of fur who loves to listen. He enjoys talking to other furs and finding good artists. He considers his own art style to be a bit on the ugly side, but he is constantly working to improve it. His art style is similar to anime, the characters have big eyes and anime-style hair. He is a good critic for art and loves to see his own Fursona in other art styles than his own. His attitude towards life is reflected in his arts' expressions, mainly carefree and confident. He likes helping new furs into the fandom, and gives advice on whatever problems people/furs ask him about, as long as he knows what he's talking about. His #1 goal is to become a Psychologist and a volunteer at a Wolf Care Facility. This stems from his love of delving into others' minds and digging for info about them, as well as his Wolf Obsession.

Sevlow Character Design[edit]

Sevlow's Character was designed on accident, but stuck with his player. If you want to attempt to draw him, be my guest.

  • Head: Dark Blue Hair, Lite Blue Fur, Yellow Eyes.
  • Neck: Lite Blue Fur, White Fur Leading Down The Front Of His Body.
  • Torso: Fairly Muscular, Lite Blue Fur, Usually Wears A Long Coat With A Dark Blue Tee-Shirt Underneath With The Word "Silver" Printed On It. (Lately, Sev has been shirtless, just an open Black trenchcoat)
  • Belt: Black, Studded, A Buckle With The Japanese Kanji For "Fang" Engraved On It.
  • Pants: Blue-Jeans, Sometimes With The Legs Rolled Up.
  • Shoes: Never The Same.

Pictures of Sevlow can be found in his gallery in Furaffinity, most are in B/W, but he has colored versions as well. You may use these as guides.

  • note: these design ideas are specifically for those who wish to attempt to draw Sevlow. If you wish to draw him, let Tyak request that you do, or you ask him if you can do it. Tyak is the creator of Sevlow and his design is copyright of his player, THANX.


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