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This page is in reference to Serena Rennahan. Also known as Serykins, Washu, Celes, MommyWashu, and Serena.

Serena has a hybrid of snow leopard and dragon as her fursona.

Serena is the character, the player behind her tends to share many similar personality traits though. Serena's appearance is basically a dark pink furred snow leopard, with large black scaled wings, as well as two horns on her head, which she usually keeps hidden. She has long, dark purple hair, and tends to change the style often.

She has a secondary form which she also uses, but it's only for certain people.

Player History[edit]

Serena's player was born in August of 1989. They were born in the state of Georgia, where they currently still live. They tend to hang out with a few other furs, namely Myoti and Skunk Rocker.

She is currently making plans to move away from her birth place and live with other furs.


Both Serena and her player have a fond interest in music, primarily listening to various forms of rock, much ska, and tons of punk, but they also like old school rap and hip-hop, as well as many older bands. They also have a love for classical music. They love to play video games, primarily MMOs with friends, but also many others.

They both love to read, although each oddly has different tastes. Serena likes dark, horror novels, with a bit of mystery, while her player likes fantasy novels with magic and the like in them, but they both share the same author, Neil Gaiman.

The two also love computers, whether their building them, or just playing on them.


You can usually find Serena on IRC on the Furnet network, under multiple forms of her name, including Serena, Serykins, SeryHatchling, SerySquirrel, and SeryCow. She owns the channel #Diaperlovers and is an SOP in the channels #BoingBoing, #DirtyFurs, #DiaperFurs, and #Altfurs and will occasionally visit other channels.

Her player tends to go to various conventions from time to time, recently having gone to AnthroCon '08 and Furry Weekend Atlanta '08.

She has a [Deviant Art] and a [MySpace]