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Sen Grave is a Asian furre (Canine most of the time). He gains most of his friends due to his humor.

Stupidity is my wisdom and knowledge.--Sen Grave 15:55, 13 July 2009 (UTC)Sen Grave

Dream Weaving/Patching[edit]

He has some experience creating dreams. He created Snow White High school (SWHS), and a private mansion of his own. He can't make patches himself, for he is horrible at doing so.

What is he doing now?[edit]

He is currently wrestling at Furcadian Championship Entertainment (FCE) owned by Wicked Clown. You can find him most of the time at FCE.

He also is now working on a new project called "Arena of the Fallen."

Why Wrestling/Wrestling Experience[edit]

Sen chose wrestling because there aren't many dueling/fighting dreams anymore (His IC storyline is mainly built for fighting). So he then decided to try out new ways of fighting,and so we stumbled upon a wrestling dream and decided to give it a shot. When he first started, he wasn't very good. Sen was use to paragraph role playing (para-rp), and the fact that he use to be a slow typer made it even harder for him. He started off a JCX, went to WFW, back to JCX, and now at FCE.

Overall Experience[edit]

Sen Grave has had many jobs as a furre. He has worked in Build a Homes, schools, wrestling companies, restaurants, and more. Although he has a different variety of jobs, he prefers ones where he can "shine" at his best.