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SeaWolf's reference sheet as of Sept. 2019, showing traditional attire

SeaWolf_LA1 is a furry, student of marine biology, and professional Dive Master from the eastern United States. He has had a very longstanding interest in anthropomorphism, but only discovered (and immediately joined) the furry fandom in February 2015. SeaWolf is a former moderator of the ★║FURRIES║★ community on Google+, the site's largest furry community up until its closure on April 2nd, 2019, and is currently the owner of the Furry Community of MeWe, the largest SFW furry community on (a small social media platform populated largely by users displaced from Google+). He continues to moderate the ★║FURRIES║★ discord server, a small remnant of the original G+ community, and the TraditionalAnthroArt group on DeviantArt. SeaWolf enjoys scuba diving, sailing, rowing, swimming, free-diving, biking, drawing, reading, conducting scientific research, photography, hunting lionfish, coral restoration, bouldering, playing violin/tuba, sculpting, and Minecraft.


SeaWolf's singular OC/fursona was created likely some time between 2010-2011, approximately five years before being aware of the furry fandom, originally as a small sketch that was cut out and taped onto a lego piece. Lyza'an Aolif (lie-zAy-en ow-lif), which translates literally to Sea Wolf or Orca, is a Dire Wolf (C. dirus) with a generic gray coat, lighter gradient coloration on the lower torso, mask pattern facial coloration, blue eyes, a black tail tip, and two black, parallel, horizontal lines running from the muzzle just in front of the eyes down to the jawline. He was originally conceived out of SeaWolf's real life interests in extinct species (esp. from the ice ages), longstanding infatuation with the La Brea tar pits, and to a lesser extent his (then) recent discovery of the RedWall book series.

Google+ History

SeaWolf_LA1 made his first foray into furry-centered social media in August 2016, when he began activity on Google+ and its two main furry communities. SeaWolf used what was then called a "brand account" to circumvent Google's requirement/limitation that all usernames be comprised of a first and last name, but this in turn limited SeaWolf's ability to use other google services under the same name, such as Google Hangouts (the private messaging system). Initially, SeaWolf made few posts of his own and even fewer that were actually visible on his profile; most activity was limited to interacting with other users through commenting on other posts. As with (almost) all users on Google+, it wasn't long before SeaWolf was made aware of the extensive community of trolls and raiders (users who participate in actions intended to harm "enemy" communities, including anything from a report-spamming to complex plots for gaining a staff role in a community, and then destroying it) present there; as one can probably imagine without too much trouble, furry communities were always a favorite target. However, unlike most furry users on Google+ who would often respond in shock, panic, or fear when directly or indirectly threatened by such communities, SeaWolf was fascinated by this sadistic and absurd subculture, and actually made a point of joining many raid communities. With the perspective he gained into the mindset + operations of raid/troll communities, and the system akin to natural selection they created within Google+'s communities, SeaWolf found somewhat of a purpose within the site's two main furry communities of educating spooked users on dealing with trolls (the userbase of these communities was quite young, so many members there genuinely did not know how), and dispelling fears many members had of large-scale organized raids. This was especially prevalent in 2016, which was considered (among raiders) the back end of their "golden age" of activity, but decreased in frequency throughout the next 3 years.

Despite seemingly good intentions, SeaWolf's efforts were occasionally met with hostility from what were known in raid communities as "rabid furs" - furries who joined or created "Anti-troll" communities intended to drive raiders and trolls off the site, typically by using their own methods (destroying communities, doxxing, etc.). As a general rule, such communities were about as effective as bringing a golfcart to a tank battle, and were a source of entertainment and even encouragement in legitimate raid/troll communities. Even so, SeaWolf found himself in frequent arguments with "rabid furs" after stating the simple truth that trolls are fed by impulsive emotional responses directed back at them by those they perceive to be weaker than themselves (for example, the actions and existence of anti-troll communities), and that the only thing any community really needs to avoid being raided in any form is an active and moderately competent staff. This led to some hilarious accusations that SeaWolf "was one of them," "helps raiders infiltrate furry communities," "staged arguments with trolls to make [himself] look like a real furry," and other such ridiculousness.

In reality, SeaWolf made a point of daily going through all posts made in the two largest furry communities, and reported any instances of hostile trolling or drama gone out of hand to each community's respective moderators. To the owners of the ★║FURRIES║★ community (the larger of the two), this did not go unnoticed, and in January 2018, the owner and original creator of the community Snow Fangs offered SeaWolf a moderator position after further screening and testing. On March 28 of 2018, SeaWolf was officially instated as a junior moderator of ★║FURRIES║★ along with Prince of Wolfdom and Michael Berretta, and served until the end of Google+ itself on April 2nd, 2019.

Outside of Google+

Prior to the impending closure of the site in August 2018, Google+ members scrambled to find a social media platform that could supplant their former home. One of the most popular options was a site called MeWe, which was similar to Google+ in numerous regards. After a considerable amount of deliberation between the moderators of the ★║FURRIES║★ community on a strategy for preserving part of their member base, creation of a new community on MeWe was ruled out. Despite this, SeaWolf created the "Furry Community of MeWe" in January 2019 as an additional option for members of the greater furry population on Google+, and as an experiment to test the site's features and general activity. After expressing interest in the project, Crimson Steel Moon and Sydney Aussie, the owners of the Furry Fandom community on G+ were added as moderators to the community, along with a few of their former staff members who had also created MeWe accounts.


SeaWolf is an avid traveler and has visited 26 countries/territories and 18 US states for purposes of sight-seeing, family, education, service work, competition, and/or scientific research. These include Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, and West Virginia, as well as Antigua, Australia, the Bahamas, Bonaire, the British Virgin Islands, Canada, the Cayman Islands, Cuba, Dominica, Ecuador/Galapagos islands, France, Germany, Guadeloupe/Les Saintes, Iceland, Jamaica, Mexico, Nevis, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Saint Barthelemy, Sint Eustatius, United States, the United Kingdom, and the US Virgin Islands.