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Shadowwalker Delaforge

Shadowwalker Delaforge (Shado), is a lifeform from the planet of Quenten. Shado's species are metamorphic; shape changers, which they suspect aren't native to that planet, but which were transplanted very early on in the planet's history by another space-faring species of unknown origin. Only in the last two- to three-hundred cycles (standard time) have there been clues to the origins of his species. At present, this knowledge is considered beyond top secret, and not spoken to anyone outside of the planetary government, and especially not to off-worlders.

His planet has two dominant lifeforms: The Ka'rassian species which Shado is a member of, and the Quentaurian, a bipedal feline-like species who isn't metamorphic.

Shado's species are polymorphic, and basically telepathic. Due to their 'base' state; as amorphous gels, the only form of communication is telepathy between members. In their normal state, they appear to be bipedal equines. Stallions; the males, tend to be approximately 2.1 meters tall, the mares (females) slightly smaller. Although they can take on any shape, or form, including gender shifting, they are mentally one gender or another. Hence Shado is mentally a stallion, although he can take on a more effeminate, or fully female form, if the need arises.

The Ka'rassian species, being equine, still are ruled; at least from a subconscious level, by equinian instincts. Hence many stallions, but mares as well have several mates, in a small group that lives with each other. Consisting of usually one stallion, one adult mare, and several offspring. This grouping is called a 'Band'. Unlike Earth equines, the mare can take on a leadership role, and the stallion can take a more submissive role. Still, like Earth equines, they can and do adopt different species into their band. Band members and mates have been known to be Quentaurians, and in Shado's case at least, even off-worlders.

Shado is known for his independent and stubborn nature. His public name is also not Ka'rassian standard as well. The first was adopted only several years ago, for reasons only known to him. The second - the surname, by Earth standards - was adopted from his first visit to Earth to honor his late human mate, one Ambra Delaforge. Although stubborn, and independent, he's fiercely loyal to friends, and one he considers his leader.

Although most Ka'rassians usually don't adopt such a massive form, or possess the ability to fly, Shado has. His ability to fly is helped by an antigravity, and an inertial damping device. Without this, moving such a bulk would normally be impossible, even with the 3 meter long wings.

Shado himself, from his visits to the planet called 'Earth' has adopted several forms, mimicking breeds of their horses. The latest and most stable is the 'Gypsy Vanner' breed. At present, he's adopted a huge quad form, as his 'public form'; a Gypsy Vanner pegasus form, at a staggering 28hh (earth term), or 2.8 meters at his withers.