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Hey, I'm Scy Storm, and I'm a writer by trade, in the world of furries and elsewhere. To date, since getting into the furry writing world, I've written over 50 story items (chapters and one-shot fics) totalling over 200,000 words. I write mostly about Pokemon (almost half my total words), but have branched off into stuff like Neopets and generic Furries, and hopefully some Digimon in the future. Feel free to check out my website to read up on my stories, as well as check out other stuff like artwork, a yiff guide, and my lame webcomic. Sign up for the mailing list (found on every page), and leave your comments in my guestbook and guestmap!

My first fursona was a Scyther, made when I was kinda new to the whole fursona thing. The details I originally specified were unexplained until much later, so I decided it was semi-anthro due to a slight draconic heritage. My second fursona was a feral dragon, and was created originally to have a non-Pokemon self. Since then, I've grown rather attached to my draconic self, and it's become my default fursona, though I let people choose which Scy they like more when they wish to chat with me. Feel free to read up more on my fursona selves if you're curious by following the links.

That's about all you need to know about me that I shall put here. You can find out some more random stuff about me here. Thanks for reading! Check for any page creations/edits I may do here if you really care that much. :)


--Scy Storm 10:41, 5 May 2006 (UTC)