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Scribbler is a furry, as most people on this site are. He purrfurs species of cats and horses, both sexually and nonsexually. Scribbler is an avid artist, and enjoys drawing other people's fursonas for free, or, if they have Steam and something he's got his eye on that said item. His fursona is very much so like him to the point that it seriously is him. It's a cat, but him. Oddly enough, he decides the cat will be way cooler than he is, for he is not cool. He is a person. People are not cool. Only cats.

Scribbler is in a constant stalemate in a relationship. He can never find one to settle down with. They only break his heart. Scribbler, on the topic of love, is pansexual. If you're ignorant on the matter, that means anything that can say 'I love you.' Oddly enough, cat's can't say that. That's why they have to be anthro, because if they weren't, it'd be weird.

There is little to say, which explains the size of this page, because our dear author, Scribbler himself, has run out of things to say. May this page expand and grow throughout the times, but for now, it's about as stubby as an amputee. Farewell for now.