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Scorpi Rackham (born November 22, 1999), also known as Scorpz, known professionally as Scorpi Rackham, is a Dutch YouTuber, Furry, Artist, Writer and Poet.

Scorpi's main fursona version 5.0

Youth and Schooling[edit]

Scorpi was born and raised in the Netherlands in North Brabant, he went to two primary schools: 'The Pius X' (X pronounced as 'tien') till the 4th class, then he went to the 'Sterrebos' and started in the 5th class, 4 years later he went to the a High school named: 'Hooghuis Zuid' at this school he followed the education 'Living and interior', currently he is waiting for his exam results, if he succeeds he will go to ROC Nijmegen for further education as Mediadesigner.

Furry Fandom[edit]

Scorpi White joined the furry fandom in August, 2016


Scorpi was busy with writing one of his books a book about superheroes, Scorpi is a big fan of the Marvel Universe and wanted to create his own superheroes, so the first superhero that he created was Called 'After-man' this superhero was created when Scorpi was around the age of 7, so he recreated the character and he wanted to write a book about him as well, but After-man is not the first superhero who got a book, the first superhero which was created by Scorpi was called Scorpion and later renamed into Scorpi White, so Scorpi was first supposed to be some kind of mutant, Scorpi wanted to create the character himself so he drew the character and it was a mutant, later on Scorpi wanted to do something totally different and redrew the character with the same body but with a wolf's head, Scorpi loves wolves so it became a human and wolf hybrid kind of character (still a mutant), but Scorpi wasn't done with this character because he felt like something was missing so he looked up on Google: 'human animal hybrid' because he wanted to draw the body as realistic as possible a body that fitted the wolf's head, so he looked it up and after a few minutes he bumped up against the word 'anthropomorphic animals' he had no idea what that meant so he typed that word into Google and found out that an anthropomorphic animal, is a animal that walks on two legs, which has a human characteristics and who is able to speak, but he also came across another word 'Furries' he clicked on that word because it was also a link, so a new page opened and he found out what Furries were, he found stuff about conventions and roleplay and fursuiting and a lot of other stuff, so Scorpi looked it up in Google Images and on YouTube so he looked at some photos and at some videos until he bumped up against something called Omegle, so he went to Omegle and talked to some Furries on there, he even interviewed one of the Furries that he met on there which was pretty crazy but also kind of funny, he came across lots of furries but he met one on there who was very sweet, so he talked a few hours with him and he got to know more and more about it, Scorpi also said that he wasn't going to become a Furry but yet he became one and is more then happy with it, so later on he watched some more videos and saw YouTubers such as Majira Strawberry and Vix N dwnq, they showed an app called Furry Amino in one if their videos, Scorpi downloaded the app and started using it, Furry amino is a social media platform mainly meant for Furries, so he used it and joined some public chats, one of those chats was called Zootopia fans which was created by Hadley Fox, there were a few more furries in that chat, the furries which were the most active were: Hadley fox, Lexander the Wolf, Faolan Wildpaw and Splotch Doggo, these furries were online pretty much every day and they talked and started to get to know each other, Scorpi removed the other public chats because barely anyone was online in those chats, so he was in the Zootopia fans chat for a few months and everyone became friends, later on more furries were added to the group such as Neko-Skunky and Banner Folfeh, also the new furries were very welcome in the chat.

YouTube career[edit]

Scorpi started his first YouTube channel in February 12, 2015, he started the channel under the name 'Deut' (Deut was referring to his last name 'Deutekom'), his first videos were lets play videos from Assassin's Creed which were recorded with his phone, the audio and video quality from his videos weren't that good, but he kept making videos and he was very excited and optimistic about his videos until he showed his videos to his best friend who laughed at him, his friend called the videos funny because of the audio and video quality but also because of the amount of unnecessary information that Scorpi gave about himself, he removed the videos and his channel from YouTube after the negative feedback that Scorpi got from his friend and he said that he'd never start a new channel again, a few months later Scorpi bought an Xbox 360 with a few games including Grand Theft Auto V, on that device you have to create an account and a gamer tag (a gamer tag is similar to a username) so he created the name 'ScorpionX121', he played with his Xbox 360 for weeks, he played mainly Grand Theft Auto V because he was able to play that game online with a friend, later on he found out that there were some hilarious glitches in the game and he started recording these glitches, his friend told him to upload these videos to YouTube because they were hilarious, so he started a new channel on August 31, 2015 under the name 'Scorpion X' which was later renamed into 'Scorpion', then into 'Scorpi tm', then into 'Scorpion Inc.' and his final change was into 'Scorpi White', he made some sort of rules for himself, at first he didn't want to use his voice in his videos anymore because he thought that he sounded stupid in the videos, so his first videos were without voice later on he did record his voice while making his videos, he kept making more content and improving in his way of creating videos, he has a lot of content for various people to enjoy, all the videos that are created by Scorpi are visible on his YouTube channel.


Scorpi already loved to draw as a child, when he was 15-16 years old he found out about a software on the computers from his school, the software was called Adobe Photoshop, he started using this software a lot and the first things that he created were logo's and he was pretty proud about them and he loved to make them, he also found out about Adobe Illustrator which he didn't use as much as Adobe Photoshop, later on he started to create characters in Photoshop, all of those characters were furries, because he started using Photoshop the most when he became a furry, so he was able to create his own characters, logos and all sorts, all the art that is created by Scorpi is visible oh his FurAffinity profile.


Scorpi became a writer somewhere in 2015, he used to draw small comics or make small stories at the age of 6, those stories were pretty funny but not big and very unprofessional obviously, so somewhere in 2015 Scorpi had an idea for a game, it was a zombie type of game and he started writing the story, later on he finished it and he made a front cover and the title for the book, a few days later he got a dream and he thought that it would be a great idea for a book, he wrote more books in different genres and he kept writing books he gets inspiration from a lot of things and he loves to write stories much more then reading one, Scorpi still writes stories to this day unfortunately none of his books have been published yet, but he is going to try to publish his books.


Scorpi became also a poet, pretty much by accident actually, Scorpi is a person who loves life and hates death, he is a very positive person so he is very optimistic and happy about a lot of things, whenever one of Scorpi's friends is upset, angry, suicidal or depressed, he would try anything to help them and to prevent them to commit suicide (if they are suicidal), so he tells them inspirational stories, thoughts and quotes, he wrote some quotes and poetry which he uploaded to Furry Amino and Furaffinity so people could read it and it could make them feel better, because he wanted help more people then only his friends and hopefully those quotes and poetry changes some peoples way of thinking about certain things and prevents them from making bad choices, all the poetry that is created by Scorpi is visible on his FurAffinity profile.

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