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Scars kitsune is a Otherkin who is mostly know by the Sibing he received under the more notorious name Munchie the Kitsune, also know as Munchie the Crazy 7 Tailed Kitsune.

Been in the Fandom/Otherkin rings for over 9 years now.

Started out as a regular fox. Nothing more then that. He has always carried the long scar across his face. IT runs from his left eyebrow to his right shoulder. It runs threw the eye and muzzled. As a character its his defineing mark. As Otherkin its the first memory that he had. Near the end of 2004 he started to contemplate what he was. He spent two weeks trying to figure out what all this was. HE finally came to the realization that he was a Kitsune. For the next 6 months till the middle of 2005 he spent time learning who he is. After being Sibed. He Officially started going by Scars online. He is still known by Munchie by close friends and family. At this point he took the motto: "The most painful scars are not always the ones you can see. Cause the heart can carry the largest ones." Till the End of 2005 he returned to Knoxville, TN were his birth family lived and lived there basically cut off from the internet and everyone else till he managed a bit of contact to move out. HE then Traveled to Buffalo, Wyoming. While in Wyoming he had taken a mate. Whit this Mate he had a child. Due to issues and problems with the mate and living conditions he had to give up his Child for adoption.