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Name (What do you want to be called?)

   Gunner, Saw Gunner, Saw, Mike, dwaggy....just dont call me late for dinner



Relationship Status:

   open relationship

I identify as

   I don't like labels!

Character Description

   Other dimensional Winged Anthro Dragon, with some bronze dragon attributes. I have a lakehouse beside a mystical lake that seems to attract alot of furries and dragons. I'm very friendly, helpful, and hospitable. I will fight to no end to defend my friends. I love adventures and exploring new experiences. Red with Black tummy scales,standard horns, black and smooth pads on the bottoms of my feetpaw soles and toes. Long brown hair. Large wings and tail. The most i do wear on occasion are baggy cargo shorts, denim shorts, or lioncloth. Always bearpawed. Eyes change color with my emotions: green (happy), black (sad), red (angry), blue (yiffy), purple (tired), pink (puzzled), off white (embarrased), silver (frightened). The most i do wear on occasion are baggy cargo shorts, denim shorts, or lioncloth. Always bearpawed. Leather Pants, spiked wristbands, black trench coat and chains, loves metal fashion. Rock Bass Guitarist. Plays classic rock and metal. 


Contact info

   YIM and MSN:
   Skype: DJ SawGunner Neox
   SL: SawGunner Neox

What do you do in the fandom? (Fan, Artist, Writer, Con Staffer, etc...)

   Musician (bass and synth), writer, and online DJ

What interests/hobbies do you have?

   Music, cooking, Horror and Sci-fi, tarot cards, ghosts and ghost hunting, fishing, beer, mafia (even though im not Italian), gambling, casinos

Do you Attend meets or conventions? Which ones?

   Fur Affintity United and Anthrocon

Any other Info you'd like to share?

   Likes: Friends, yiffing, snuggling, playing and listening to music (lots of goth/Industrial/harsh EBM/hard rock/heavy metal/punk), swimming, fishing, deep discussions, horror and comedy movies, working out, eating, coffee, tea, beer, being silly
   Son: Darius Koopa
   Brothers: Kou Wolf, Chubbo Rabbit, Zephyros
   I am listed as Bi, but i perfer males. Still havent met the female fur to really do it for me.
   Oh! and i LOVE feetpaws! any species!