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Skaifox (referred to as 'Darkdragon' on Eka's Portal) is male furry artist based in the North-West of England, whose work mainly comprises of western-style furry art, but occasionally creates vorarephilic images or animations. He has been drawing for almost twelve years, and likes to accept commissions and create gift art for friends.
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General Information[edit]

Skaifox (or 'Skai') likes to spend his free time doodling with his favourite mechanical pencil, talking to friends over the internet, playing Soccer, going jogging and meeting new people. Skai's music taste is rather broad, being particularly fond of bands such as Fallout Boy and You Me At Six, while still enjoying artists like Basshunter and Jack Johnson.


Skaifox began drawing at a relatively young age, once a fan of Sonic the Hedgehog, but now he devotes his work to more original concepts. He only began to get serious with his art during the Spring of 2006, after joining DeviantArt under the alias 'Dream-Hazard'. Much of his older art is still available to view on his page.

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In his own opinion, Skai's ability to draw has improved significantly since, having moved on from previous styles and methods of drawing, while still keeping a cartoon-like aspect to his work. He is always looking to improve, knowing that 'nothing is perfect'.


Since Skai joined DeviantArt in 2006, he has had many inspirations for his style of art, such as Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragonball Z) and the style commonly used by Disney to draw anthropomorphic characters.


Dream-Hazard existed on DeviantArt for nearly 2 years, before he chose to depart shortly after joining Fur Affinity in February 2008, under the name Skaifox. His more recent pieces can be seen on his FurAffinity page.


Skai is currently considering making his own comic, which currently has no title. The comic consists of a number of characters whose information have not yet been fully disclosed.

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