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Species: Bengal Tiger Sex: Female

Appearance: Orange with black stripes, with white underbelly, and muzzle, light brown nose, and striking blue eyes she has yellow fur around here eyes similar to eye-shadow. She doen't have any facial whiskers.

Clothing: Prefers to wear a fabric headdress with strings of beads running down the each side of her muzzle, which meet with a large jewelled crest upon her forehead. Her ears are double pierced with golden hoops in her ears, but will change them to studs when hunting or swimming. She often dresses in tunics, but when is necessary she will shed her clothes so she can move freely. Here favourite colours are blue and green.

Sati is mainly bipedal but will switch to a quadruped depending on the activity or mood.

Paws: Front paws have pink pads with opposable thumbs that are similar to a dew claw but have more flexibility and mobility. Front paw are equipped with retractable ebony claws that she uses for defense. Digits on paws are white. Back paws: Can stand on all four toes when standing upright but balances on central pad.

Magical abilities: Sati can communicate telepathically with people up to a distance of one mile.

Diet: Sati has an aversion to red meat preferring to hunt fowl or fish, in addition to her staple diet of organic plant matter. Sati’s favourite things to snack on are chocolate, watermelon and strawberries.

Personality: Sati being the only cub born in her litter is a peaceful, calm tiger, who seeks solitude from her surroundings. Often she can be seen swimming in her favourite fishing spot, or doing yoga down in the meadow. She is always quick to offer her friends Namaste, but prefers to avoid conflicts that arise from anger, seeking to find peaceful solutions instead of striking out. Sati enjoys making many types of friends whether they are wolf, dragon, or even human, grey muzzles or cubs it doesn’t matter to her. She has a preference for music and art, although she is not the best artist around, she does it simply for the reason that it brings calmness and clarity and improves her wellbeing.

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