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Profile Bio[edit]

Furry Name: Alexis "Sasha" Winterforest Shadoweye

Real Name: Alexander Bäckman

Date of Birth: January 27th 1990

Sexual Preference: Pansexual

Relationship: Mated to Veedway Constantine

Home: Apartment Complex in Knivsta, Sweden

Interests: Computers, Martial Arts, Video Games and Furry Fandom

Dream Pet: Bat

Dream Job: Anything that gives joy (not adult studio)

Dream Home: Anywhere with his mate.

Extra Info: Has bought a fursuit from Shadow Creations for 6,300 kronor.

Furry Family[edit]

Lessa Shuftan - Beloved FL Mate

Seras Greil - Younger Sister

Serpentine Thylacinus - Older Sister

Veedway Constantine - Beloved RL Mate


Cons Applied To: None

Cons he's going to Apply to: None

Planning to Apply to: None


  • He and his fursona are sharing birthdate and age.
  • He is planning alone to host his own convention.
  • He have been in newspapers and on TV documentary "Sjukhuset", making him a pride for his hometown according to politics.

External Links[edit]

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