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Wolves, Warriors, and Words[edit]

It all started one November night... Saphire had checked out a childhood favourite film, Balto, from the library. While watching it that night, she'd no idea what it would lead to. So after the movie, she had fallen in love with the story, the characters, and the animation. 'Balto fan site' she searched in Google. Balto Source?[1]? Sounds interesting. Little did she know, she'd meet one of her best friends there, begin her art 'career', and learn what being a furry was all about!

And so along with creating an account there, she also drew her first two fanart peices-- a Jenna drawing in Microsoft Paint and a traditional portrait of Balto. Quite proud of them, she began to draw more--with references, of course. Creating her own character, Suni ([2]), who became her fursona. Months later, she was showing much improvement at her canine art and started to draw Warrior cats.([3]) Now into feline and canine art, she was improving every day! Constantly drawing, she advanced in the furry world as well. Now drawing better and better withouta reference, she began submitting artwork lots more frequetly. Though, she realized, many BaltoSourcers had a 'fanfic' gallery--why not give it a try? That night, she pulled out her old journal and started writing--just off the top of her head. It didn't take long for a story to take shape. It would be called 'Love in the Shadows' and go on for four parts, and to this date never reach completion. After getting much praise for her first writing, and now beginning to do digital art using the Microsoft Paint program (without a digital drawing tablet; that would come the next year.), she came up with a new Balto fan storyline--where Steele's(the antagonist in the film) younger brother Streak would become injured as a result of Steele's bloodlust and then be nursed back to health by Balto's red-faced daughter. While every Balto fan has thier own version of the red-faced pup, Saphire's was Nataki, a beautiuful and caring husky.

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