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A brief article on Sam Phillips[edit]

Sam Phillips was born January 18th 1995, he stands 5' 9" tall, lives in the rural town of Harmony Maine. He is and avid athlete, he enjoys soccer, basketball, free-running, windsurfing and mountain biking. Sam enjoys many genres of music and plays the drums and some electric guitar in a local band. In his free time he enjoys film making, drawing, modding, writing,tinkering, and nature photography. He is a wilderness veteran and has been going on wilderness trips since the age to 2. He has been a veteran attendee of Darrow wilderness trip camps since 2005, and went on his first trek alone at 13. He explores the nearby lakes and streams near his house.

Ties with the Furry Fandom[edit]

In late 2007, early 2008 Sam found the Furry Fandom. His interest for science fiction and fantasy, along with his artistic abilities, and interest in anthropomorphic creatures made him feel right at home. He , in a sense "joined" or became active in the fandom. He enjoys the non-sexual parts of the fandom, and the general "accepting" friendly atmosphere.

Views on trolls[edit]

A week or so after finding the Furry Fandom, Sam became acquainted with the trolls, mostly through you tube and watching the hate videos. After "fighting" a few pointless "battles" and under the original misconceptions about trolls he approached a few. After initially getting polite responses, and a general idea of what the trolls were for, he secede from the "furry war". Concluding that trolls, for the majority, are often bored teens and college students looking for "lulz" in peoples reactions. And not the hating, nasty,people originally concepted, although he frowns upon trolling, and views it as a waste of time, as always, "to each his own".

In Conclusion[edit]

Recently he has been dormant in the fandom, but still following along the sidelines. He continues to strengthen his artistic abilities, keep in touch with friends, and learn more about the fandom. He follows the fandom from afar,and plans to become active again in the future.

You can find him on YouTube currently at [1] and on myspace at [2] .