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RailFoxen (also known as Raiya Daimonion or Raiya) is the acting head administrator of SporkMUCK, and a wizard on RunaMUCK before it went down for a short time.

Raiya was a forum moderator on Crush! Yiff! Destroy! under the name Railfoxen until July 2006 when he decided that he now wished to use the name Downspin online and spread the story that Railfoxen had been banned from CYD due to "a slight legal emergency", the precise details of which were never specified. It is believed that this was done in order to fool people whom he had harassed online. Downspin assumed Railfoxen's duties as forum moderator immediately after Railfoxen's "banning"[1] and later changed his forum handle to Kindrift.

CYD administrator Mitch asserted on Chibiabos's Talk page[2] that RailFoxen was no longer associated with CYD, but the fact that he made an apparent newcomer to CYD such as Downspin/Kindrift a moderator immediately upon joining CYD casts doubt on the veracity of this statement and suggests that at the very least Downspin was someone known to him. Further doubt is cast by the fact that CYD published an article by Railfoxen on October 1st 2006, four months after he had ostensibly been banned.[3]


While posting on CYD under the name of RailFoxen, Raiya actively stalked and harassed furs, even to the extent of making unsubstantiated sexual allegations[4].

He has expressed strong sentiments against Wikifur[5] and also expressed the view that furry artists are all pornographers (specifically, "the people souless enough to continue to sell their dignity for profit." [6]). He has additionally expressed vehement anti-gay ("But of course any sort of criticism to the gay community - who invented drama - is going to meet a limp-wristed backlash.")[7] and anti-zoo sentiments, making statements about individuals on several CYD threads and even threats to visit those who he accuses of dog rape. The purpose of his hypothetical trip was never specified, although he suggested that it might involve an illegal act:
"You know, fuck it, and fuck (Ebonlupus). [...] You can see the scratches in the wall of his bedroom where his dogs tried to escape. The man didn't last more than a week roughing it in his own back yard. [...] Now Ebon lives in his bedroom, sucking potassium out of his monitor and living off the dole. [...] Given, a minor tweak in our country's legal code, and I'd be taking a weekend off. We border southern Oregon. It's convenient."[8]

These threads remain on the CYD forum and have not been locked to prevent posting.

Controversy II[edit]

Chibiabos alleges that Raiya has pursued him for some time on FurryMUCK, claiming in the PG-rated public room WCOTP that he "rapes dogs." Chibiabos also claims that Raiya actively stalked and harassed furs on such venues as FurryMUCK while a member of CYD, and even that he threatened to kill people, though others disagree with some of these statements. (See the discussion page)

Furry involvement[edit]

RailFoxen fursona is not really a fox, but a wolfcat or kitsune. Seen occasionally at the D-Scream in years past, he was one of the early postfurries, but parted shortly before the creation of PuzzleboxMUCK in 2002. His involvement in the postfurry community might have been influenced by the Strogg, as his new name is a Quake II reference. His feelings about his views of today's fandom can be summed up with the following, personal quote: "That -is- my hobby. Not a lifestyle, thanks a lot."

At the time of writing his murrsona is a chakat-kin skunktaur but this is shortly to change to an entirely new and original species of staggering originality of his own invention.

He has forgotten what his previous goal was re: picking fights with Sidechan administrators, and has resigned to posting pictures of himself on the /furi/ board.

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