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Hi, there! Welcome to my page![edit]

SallieAirbrushed.png I am a catfox from Texas. I'm 16 (born May 10, 1994) but physically appear about 13-14.

Specifics about me[edit]

I was born in Texarkana (Texas side) and moved to Lufkin when I was 3 and lived there for about 8-9 years. We moved to Nacogdoches because of my mom's job and now we live in Huntington. (in between Lufkin and Zavalla) I watch lots of anime (my favorites: Sailor Moon, Tokyo Mew Mew, Bleach, Digimon). I also love video games, especially Final Fantasy and Pokémon. As my signature says, I am a huge Cloud fangirl(he's awesome!)


I welcome fanart. Send it to [1]. No spam, please-and keep drawings to a minimum. I don't have much space on my computer. Make sure to notify me first so I can expect it. If you want to do fanart, follow this description:

Pattern: dilute calico; mostly gray, cream spots on knees, upper arms(facing each other), heart-shaped spot on tail and in between eyes, white spots on ears, lower half of face white, white chest Hair: Red-orange, shoulder length with scruffy bangs Eyes: sky blue or turquoise Tail: somewhat like a thin fox tail, white tip Clothes: can vary, but usually involves pink. Don't make it too revealing. Always include her collar- dark coral pink with gold bell Feet: white feet, walks plantigrade. If she wears shoes, they're usually sandals or Crocs.

I'll update if I find anything else I should add. Ciao!