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sacridshadow's fursona is that of a black dragon. His main element is wind, but he controls shadows, fire, water, poison, and light. In combat, he will use his light powers to blind his prey with a flash and then use his shadows to bind them and hold them down. He loves to bite people, and fill them with poison that eats away at the cells, leaving "dead spots" that can't be healed or revived. When needed, he can change the type of poison he uses so people can't be cured. Despite his violent behavior, he loves dragons, and will do anything in his power to help them.

In his long life, he has lived alone in a temple that he made home. he happens to live near the all-so-famous Varsaigen, on the other side of a mountain range. As stated, he lived alone for a long time, that is, until he came upon an egg in his home. He decided to take care of it until it hatched. He protected it and kept it warm for a few nights. It hatched, and there lay a small green dragon. He named her Seraphine, which means burning fire. When she was old enough, he dropped her off at the closest dragon city so he can go back to his life. Eventually, he travelled near the city and burned a town. He dumped lots of water on the chaos he caused and the force of the water knocked people out from above (all for fun :p). He went to the dragon city, where it lay hidden on a mountain. When he got there, he had to go through a fog that hid the city from sight (scares people cause the dragons are the only ones who know what's in the area, them.), two barriers. The first barrier lets only dragons in, while the second barrier checks your heart and soul to see if you are evil or have any evil intent at all.

He now lives in the dragon city with his adopted daughter, Seraphine, where he trains her as best he can. He is very proud of her and spends lots of time with her when she is out of school and training with other teachers. Despite this happy-go-lucky life (if you can call it that...), he also has a darker side.

Devilak (my other persona) is a four red-eyed dragon from the Void (much like hellion is). When sacridshadow enters his Void, the shadows of that realm envelope him and transform his body to a more dangerous form, though there are many forms Devilak takes. His most common form is a black dragon with a dark, almost ghostly, purple outline. He gains a tail blade to slice foes, among the changes are spines that protect him from enemies, lengthened claws and teeth. He loses his wings in this form and has the option of forming wings using the Void's shadows. The final change in this form is tendril pods that form at his neck. The pods at the ends of tendrils that he uses to grab enemies nearby and drain their magic and even their life energy. but this is only a form that requires very little energy to change. His main form is that of a wyvern as tall as half of the Empire State Building. His wings have bright red circles and spots and, when coming out of th clouds, they look like eyes. Devilak also has two red stripes on his legs and a red glowing axe blade tail tip. devilak can absorb all forms of energy, whether it be heat, light, wind, or water. He can absorb some energy from attacks and magic and can cause many unnatural events to occur. He has summoned Ice pillars that grew spikes out like trees, and made the sky rain fire. He also can fire beams of energy that can send a foe flying, or even destroy a fortress in one shot.

He controls all creatures in his Void and has "Shadow Wisp" messangers who will pop up when needed. He absorbs magic from items to increase his own defensive and offensive power. He can raise the dead and create golems to fight for him (if needed). In his fortress, are other dragons that serve under him, though none have been shown in the RP. One of the most powerful creatures he controls is a Gaurdian that, so far, has only made its appearance by destroying the soul of the main villian with a white shadow tendril. The tendril pulls the soul out of the body and crushes it until it's no more. The soul it destroyed was one of many pieces the main villain, DarkIron, has.

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