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Sabre V. (aka Mitchell Mc, or Steven Dingo) is an australian furry born on the 24th of February, 1992 in South-east Queensland. Sabre is in general as disorganised as you can get both in real life and on the internet when working on his numerous projects - including a number of forums, a furnet chatroom #dingonet and a podcast, usually with things being updated at random and generally late, early or completely unannounced.

For the most part Sabre is not active in the furry fandom, having attended no furry conventions and lacking any semblance of skill in visual arts as he has admitted himself. Sabre does learn guitar however and has stated he will endevour to keep his numerous internet-based projects alive, in particular his 3 forums and the Pawfect World Podcast, as well as eventually getting his website functional. He can be found on rare occasion on secondlife as Sabre McCullough using a Fox avatar as he is unwilling to pour money into anything that is likely temporary; and appears on Furnet under the name Sabre or some variation of the name.

Lt. Comm. Sabre Vulpine's fursona, is, despite the name, a Dingo. No artwork of his fursona exists as yet. It has been said that while he just couldn't relate to his old fursona, that the name couldn't go. "I just couldn't bare to give up a name I've been using for two and a half years now..." ~ Sabre (#dingonet chatroom, December 07). He has however made an effort to reduce the use of his surname, using only a "V" to distinguish himself from others using the same first name. The rank preceding his name is no indication of military experience or knowledge as he has none, and when asked about it his answer is simply that "it coincides with my Freespace 2 rank >.>".

Sabre is also known to refer to himself in the third person while writing articles of himself, as he is doing at this time, and suffers from an addiction to the use of "XD". Third-person writing is relatively new to Sabre, as all blog entries, journals or anything pertaining to him directly is written in first-person. Sabre does not enjoy writing in third-person except when extremely tired and can somehow see humour in it. Ironically, Sabre holds a strong dislike for Panther Caroso in his Star Fox Command incarnation specifically because of his use of third-person speech. He has likely also failed at funny with this article. XD