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Ryn Dragon is the proper name of the Anthropomorphic Dragon Character created by the Furry known as Bryan in the fall of 2003 (full name withed for privacy). This character went through a number of names before Bryan settled on Ryn Dragon, or Ryn, in early 2009.

Bryan was born in July of 1990 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Character Name Timeline[edit]

(approximate dates)

2003-2007: Axander

2007-2008: Orin

2008-2009: Naryk

2009-Now : Ryn Dragon (Ryn)

Character Description[edit]


Height: 6'9"

Coloration and Skin: His body is mostly covered with hide-like scales that are roughly diamond shaped (slightly rounded), differing in size over his body and mostly focused most prominantly around the joints. The scales and hide are a dark shade of burnt orange, with little highlights of yellow/orange around his chest and abdomen.

Build: Ryn is a bipedal dragon with a strong upper body and neck and a slimly toned lower body. While his upper body does have muscle, it is only moderately defined.

Head: Ryn has the head of a typical western-style dragon, with a moderately triangular snout that extends about four to five inches in front of his eyes. His nostrils are discrete near the top front of his snout, and his eyes set with a level brow. He has no facial hair, but does have a large patch of red hair on his head, like human hair, that is spiked to the right at a 45 degree angle near the front in a number of strands.

Neck: his neck is no longer than a human's, and is slightly thicker than typical

Eyes: Ryn's eyes are sharp but playful, betraying his playful nature underneath his serious front. They are an icy blue color and are underneath his level brow.

Chest: His chest is slightly bulky with pectoral muscles, but they are not protruding outward much.

Back: his back is slim with only slight muscle definition. His wings are largely bound behind him and attract little notice.

Arms and Hands: His arms are largely muscular and firm with good definition. His hands have four fore-fingers and one opposable thumb, with two inch by one inch claws.

Stomach: Ryn's belly is soft but slim, with no muscle definition

Tail: Same color and build of the body, except for a lightly red tint underneath, and tapers off into a fine tip. It has a length of five feet, and a base of 5 ½ inches.

Legs: His legs are more slender than the rest of his body, slightly muscular at the calves.

Feet: Ryn has plantigrade feet, allowing him to walk like a human. He has three large toes and the middle toe is longest. His feet are 12 inches long, and his toes are about two inches thick each, with two inch claws.

Ryn's Activity in Furry Gatherings[edit]

Ryn Dragon has been active in the Furry community since 2003, and attending group outings since 2008. He regularly attends Arch Regional Furs and The Den Open House, and has made appearances at Further Confusion 2009, Further Confusion 2010, Furry Weekend Atlanta 2010, and Bellfurs in June of 2010.