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Name: Rycochet

  • Preferred species: Red Squirrel usually, though it changes when the mood takes me.
  • Aliases: Ryco, Raiko, La Ardilla, That Fluffytailed Pest, Emperor Sciurus, The Mayor of Woodgate Forest.
  • Location:
  • Known For:
    • Not drinking tea.
    • Rycochetheism.
    • Sanryco
    • Bafflement, beribbonment and besquirrelment!
    • Being sweet and innocent.
    • Kinder Eggs.
    • Fluffiness.
    • Filking.
    • My high level of sanity.
    • Exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, to boldly bother where no squirrel has gone before!
  • Livejournal name: [1]
  • About me:
    • I'm not the very model of a modern furry general, seen anthro'morphic vegetables, animal and mineral. My player comes from England and I'm often quite hysterical, I run around on Furrymuck with lots of talking animal'.
    • I'm very well acquainted too with matters all political, when people start to talk of it I wander off and quitical. While some would like to sit and talk and argue all about the news, I'm happier when acting like a reject out of Tinytoons.
    • My friends include mad lupine types and stinky striped weaselus, and nutty giant huskies who like trains and trams and autobus. They seldom run in terror when I'm singing songs quite terrible, I'm not the very model of a modern furry general.
    • I know nowt 'bout furry history, I've never been to Anthrocon, when people start on furry stuff in thirty seconds I am gone. I've very little interest in the artist who drew such and such, I'd rather talk of lionpants with coonies who are small and dutch.
    • I couldn't tell one artists work from an'one else who draws furries, I do not look at adult art as it does not appeal to me. Occasionally acting like an extra out of Pinafore, I'm simply happy bouncing round on mighty furry squirrel paws.
    • I often like to shapeshift and I have a lot of different form', From 'Coons and such to squirrel types dressed in a mountie uniform. No matter what form I am in my attitude is question'ble, I'm not the very model of a modern furry general.
    • Spend too long around me and your mind will start unravelin', Sane people tend to run off when towards them I am travelin'. I tend to bring insanity to any spot I'm sitting at, I'm madder than a hatter who is drinking tea with kyrenkat.
    • I'm fond of Monty Python and a lot of classic comedy, I love the Spanish inquisition and I want a shrubbery. I like a lot of cartoons from the 80's that were on tv, I also have the habit of linking to youtube frequently.
    • For all the damage I have caused to many furries sanity, is there any wonder that there's always someone chasing me? Still, even in an empty room I'll get in trouble terrible, I'm not the very model of a modern furry general.

Hmm, I feel Gilbert and Sullivan turning in their graves...