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Greeting im Rune or also know as Lucas my other sona which i have given to my friend. I live in the state of Illinoi never really like it here. I have been in the furry fandom for about 3 years.I can say im still learning things about the fandom. i haven't be to a fur con or anything yet. Im hopping to get to MFF someday if im still in the states. You can find me on

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If u wanna chat just send me a note or something this page will get more info as I get things I can put on here.

The back ground of Rune Rune is one of that remaining species of his kind his kind died 300 years ago in a galactic battle that consumed his planet. His parents seeing what was coming had sent him to another world with his twin brother. The planet not being fully developed with interstellar travel and ships for exploration was seemed to be the most suitable planet for them but a few years later they would find out they are wrong....

I have no real clue yet how to work this site and will learn sometime and any tips or pointer would be nice so i can make this better