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Roxley (born August 9th, 1993) is trans furry artist, fursuiter and fursuit builder living in Sudbury, Ontario. Roxley defines herself as transgendered and is currently on HRT (hormone replacement therapy). Roxley discovered the furry fandom at the age of 13 through her innate interest of animal mascot costumes. She later joined numerous forums such as furtopia and ontariofurs .


Roxley blinking


Roxley's main fursona is a transgirl husky. She has a bouncy personality and is very affectionate. Roxley is very energetic and happy-go-lucky, typically seen wearing a collar or bandanna, leash and harness. Being submissive, her typical nature is very soft; Roxley is always eager to serve. She loves being leaded by a leash. She has lavender fur, blue eyes and black claws.

Roxley considers herself as a paw furry and enjoys variations of puppy play


Roxley at FE 2013

Roxley the Husky[edit]

Roxley with her inflatable orca

Roxley Husky was completed in Winter 2011. The body was made by herself and the head was made by MadeFurYou. Roxley's eyes are blue made out of plastic mesh. She has indoor feetpaws and wears fursuit sandals when going outdoors.

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