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Roukan Shumani (aka Sarah or RouShu) is a student at North Carolina State University majoring in Art and Design. She has her home in Wilmington, North Carolina but lives mostly in Raleigh, North Carlina for school.


RouShu is a Mexican Red Wolf that is mostly brown with red ears and stripes on her wrists and ankles, black paws and a fox-like tail that has a red stripe and black tip. Her personality matches her human counter-part as she is considered more of a true form or identity rather than a character or costume. RouShu is mostly clothed in black t-shirts and Tripp pants and tends to wear a pair of black goggles.

Conventions and Meetings[edit]

RouShu attends Animazement in Raleigh, North Carolina regularly, and is planning on adding Furry Weekend Atlanta and Otakon to her list of conventions. She is a member of the nc_furs (or Carolina Furs) LiveJournal group and plans on attempting to attend some of those meetings as well.

Personal Life[edit]

RouShu is an avid gamer, anime watcher and nerd in general. She likes to draw, paint, do crafts and mostly anything artistic. She owns a Playstation 3, a GameCube and a PSP. She plays World of Warcraft often on the Turalyon (US) server as a Tauren Druid and a Blood Elf Hunter. She loves to eat junk food and hang out with friends at the movie theater, arcade or someone's house. She is an openly lesbian female who is currently taken by a very accepting non-fur.


AIM: VampireLupus Yahoo!: Robogopher FurAffinity: RouShu_wolf Furtopia: Roukan LiveJournal: VampireLupus