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RottenRaccoon artist that has been in the fandom. He is best known is the founder of the Rotten Furs.

RottenRaccoon, the fursona is a 6 foot tall red anthro raccoon incubus. He is at odds with his demonic nature, having just recently discovered that he is an incubus when his powers began to emerge only recently. He is most commonly a black raccoon with purple headfur, mask, underbelly, forearms, shins, paws and tail rings. He can also appear as a regular, brown raccoon with purple headfur. He also has a pair of head-wings and back-wings that he can shape shift in and out.

RottenRaccoon also wears an assortment of body piercings and bondage equipment. He has 4 earrings per ear, one in each nipple, and 3 rings in his sheath. He also wears a leather collar with matching wrist and ankle bondage straps. He sometimes even wears leather arm and leg coverings with the flesh underneath removed.

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