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Romper is a kangaroo, as opposed to a numbat. Numbats are not kangaroos. Although romper does like wombats because they are rather odd, and wombat kind of rhymes with numbat in a off the road roundabout manner if you say it with a british accent and slur it slightly.

On another note romper has undeniably the illets skittles on the plizanet. He draws better than some poeple, but worse than others. He once snorted a line of salt for 2$AUS while visiting a opal shop in brisbane. He still is unaware if the poeple watching were shocked or ammused. He himself was ammused. Another time in costa rica while saving turtles romper partook in a impromtu sword fight with his friends using driftwood that littered the beach. The mexican guides were confused and ammused, which rhymes.

Romper enjoys turntables, microphones, breakdancing, guitars, drums, almost long but somewhat short jogs paralel to the beach, talking, doing stuff, bieng talented, sarcasm, taking sarcasm as compliments, mary jane, and other things

He also partakes in the moderating of the forums over at He likes pretending to be important and putting other people down. WHich is obviously what the cool kids are doing these days cuz that's just how he thug it.