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Rogue Decode an arctic fox from Queensland Australia. Crazy, lovable, funny, Free spirited and loyal rocks out his days with his near and dear friends and for ever expands his horizons. the hobbies of interest include the following, Drawing (although not that good i still per-saver) Knitting and crochet, Drag queen (all though i dont have the balls to do this in public i do this at parties or in random photos shoots for friends), make up (is a fun thing to do as you can really do what ever you want with it letting your creative juices flow), Hanging out with friends, Tricking and parkour (still learning, failing hurts lol), photography (im not possessional but its fun), Dancing (it brings out my flexibility and helps maintain my health and smexceh figure lol), tarot cards (hey every furry convention needs a crazy dude there),video games, Tattoos and pierceings and crazy adventures ( i love getting lost and exploring as i find myself in a place)

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